I've taken a hit, credit card wise........

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Dec 21, 2002
I had 2 very similar situations, both with mailing addresses. ( unoccupied, drop house? ).NOW I get instant notifications when ever the CC is used for anything. I
I've been doing that with all my credit cards for years. I can be 3,000 miles away from home, make a purchase with my card and before I can get it back in my wallet, I get a notification on my phone.

Works for me.


Jan 29, 2008
I've had a few hits and cancelled cards over the years. I do not care for thieves.
My replacement cards come by mail and take about a week.


Dec 23, 2015
I got hit once by a $1,100 charge in NY at a Mens clothing store for 2 suits. Luckily, I had notifications on and called the bank within 10 minutes of the charge, explained I was in California and had the card in my hand and they stopped the transaction and sent me a new card. Then a week later it happened again on new card, this time bank flagged it from the beginning and again sent me a new card.

It can be a pain to change numbers at your usual shopping places when you get a new number, but it also lets you figure subscriptions you thought you cancelled long ago :) I don't understand why CC companies don't do more to stop this stuff, it costs them money. Although one thing they have done which is bad for me is they send out notices via text message now instead of emails, that is really good when I am in the U.S. but while in France visiting family, I don't have a phone and only check email once a while from family computers. I warn them ahead of time I will be in France but I worry about them not authorizing a valid charge and leaving me stuck. If for example they flagged a transaction at the car rental and denied the charge, I would not get the notice until weeks later when back in the U.S. I actually asked about that on the phone with the CC company and the lady said "good point but I have no solution for you"
Jan 31, 2004
I have the security settings on all my credit cards set to notify if any charge over $10.00 has been charged against my card. I will usually get an email notification of these charges about 10 or so minutes after the charges. This way I always know whats going on with my cards.

If you are unsure about any phone number, always call the number printed right on your card.


Staff member
Jan 16, 2008
I believe consumers have 12 months to dispute a charge to their credit card.
If most folks simply check their credit card statement each month, they’ll be good.

Debit cards are another story.

Uncle Howie

May 28, 2004
Re: debit cards… I don’t think that they’re necessarily any riskier than a credit card. You’d have to read the cardholder agreement, though. That makes for a good time! 🤭

I was in Utah on a motorcycle trip, when I tried using my debit card. Declined. A quick phone call to the Credit Union informed me that I had just bought two tankfuls of diesel fuel for my newfound semi-driving friends in Gary, IN. 🤬

I had to sign/submit fraud affidavit papers when I got home, but I got reimbursed in a few days. My Credit Union’s (Mastercard) debit cardholder agreement reads basically the same as their credit card agreement. I think technically I was liable for the first $50, but they covered that, too.

I had a Cabela’s Visa credit card, and that blankety thing got hacked three times in a couple of years! Changed to a Visa issued by my Credit Union… haven’t had a problem for several years.

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