Introduction and range report.

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Sep 27, 2009
Greetings all you Rugerites.Just got my first cenertfire Ruger semi auto.It is a kp95dc.Not new to Rugers though.I have a 2245 and an sp101 357 for the wifie(she is not a shooter.Good house gun for her).
As for the new one it is about 8 yrs old but looks like it was hardly used.Came with box,book,2-10 rnd mags and no rail.It was languishing in the gun shop for awhile.I guess people passed over it for more upated equipment(15 rnd mags,rail etc).Fine with me.
Range report:What can I say.It's a Ruger.No problems of any kind.Ammo was Fed 115gr fmj,WWb 115gr fmj and some kind of flatnose frangible bullet my son had left over from the police academy.Accuracy was good.I am an ok shot and at 15yrds I was on com(about a 7" by 7" sq.I don't why some say accuracy is poor.Or is this poor?
Questions:eek:k to dry fire w/o snap caps? Manual didn't say.
No clip to hold recoil springs captive but shot fine.Any problems? better to clean rod and springs to me.
Extractor very easy to remove and install.Any problem like tension loss if you take out at every cleaning?
Well that's about it.Glad to be here.Great USA made guns.