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Mar 23, 2009
A while back, I asked you guys to help me decide betwen a P89 and a P95. I ended up with an 89, and couldn't be happier. I had a lot of trigger time this week, putting just over 1,000 rounds through the gun. I did not experience a single malfunction! I was shooting with a couple other guys, they had a Glock 34, Glock 19, and an XD. The Ruger was the only gun that was completely flawless. They ended up giving me some PMC ammo that the Glocks couldn't digest, the P89 ran fine with them. Did a lot of timed holster draws, and double taps, and ran pretty close with the others. I'm not trying to say the Ruger is the better weapon, but for me it fits my hand better, costs less, and gives up nothing in terms of reliability or accuracy.


Jun 6, 2002
Auburn, WA USA
Congratulations on your P89. I'm glad that you found that it indexes well to you, as well as being both reliable and accurate. At some point, you might want to consider experimenting with either Uncle Mike's/Butler Creek santoprene grips (designed by Craig Spegel, and unfortunately out of production, but still fairly easily found-they're my personal preference) or Hogue's excellent rubber fingergroove or custom wood grips.

Aftermarket sights are available, but can be a limited production (and thus often spendy) proposition. If you desire nightsights, Trijicon has a set for the P85/P89, and I believe that Meprolight does as well. Personally, I'm satisfied with the OEM sights that come with the gun.

For additional/spare magazines, make sure that you get the magazines appropriate to your gun's serial number sequence; Ruger did perform a magazine modification in mid-production; go to the Ruger website and it'll specify which magazine(s) are the right ones for your P89.

For holsters, I prefer Blade-Tech's offerings-I had them make up an IWB one for mine which I'm quite pleased with, and use for carry and IDPA. Uncle Mike's makes an injected-molded OWB/paddle holster which has played to good reviews (and is quite inexpensive), and I've also been pleased with Kramer's IWB #3 horsehide and The Wilderness' Zip Slide. Bianchi, Galco and others also have excellent offerings for the P85/P89.


Best, Jon

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