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Mar 29, 2017
There are a few things no one brings up about laws any laws. You can look them up and read them which is a start. Having layman tell you what they think is the law won't cut it. When you read it, you must understand it. Don't pass over words like "may" "must" "shall" "or" "and" just to name a few. Many common traffic laws are much more than a few sentences long. The seat belt law in Oregon was 2.5 pages as I recall. Every word in it has meaning and you can't pick that one sentence and apply the law.
What helps is to know the background of the law and its intent. How many people even thought about that one.
What does the case law say about the law you're talking about. What are the typical rulings of the law in your area. (How are the Judges enforcing that law). Example: In Oregon some counties charge everyone with (A) law as crimes and others charge the same law as violations for the same offense. Now go into the federal system. They may charge the same state law as a crime when the state says it's a violation.
In 39 years I had many armchair lawyers attempt school me on the law. My standard answer was, "that's not the law here, here's your (ticket or booking into jail). You have the right to speak to a Judge. They just may believe you". Regarding that, no judges ever did. I wondered many times if they talked that way knowing it was BS they were selling to just confuse or put doubt in my mind vs really thinking they knew the law.
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James (CA)

Jul 7, 2012
"The Police aren't on our side. They have become an Enforcer Caste over the Civvies who are all Criminals waiting for them to find a charge until proven otherwise in Court"

They call us "little people"

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