If you're thinking about a river cruise in Europe

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May 31, 2006
Scurry TX
rkittine said:
I hate Ocean Cruises, but love Viking River Cruises. I totally agree with the First Class atmosphere and superb food as well as seeing things rather than open ocean when traveling from one stop to the next. Fortunately I typically can fly for free and almost always Business or First Class.

If you have flexibility with your times and can go at the last minute, I have booked flight on hold and then called Viking so see what they have in the way of open cabins the following day and have been able to get Two For One Tickets at an additional 50% off or 25% of the published fare. You need to be ready to rock and roll and may have to change which exact itinerary.


Just curious Bob, how do you fly for free? Airline employee or points? I work for an airline, that is why I'm curious. Plus overseas we fly ID 90 on other airlines and can get a bump if the first class/business class is open.



Jun 7, 2016
Sag Harbor and Manhattan, New York
Hey Karl,

I am a medically retired Part 121 Driver and that resulted in better benefits than if I was still on the line or even a regular retiree. Then after the retirement, I worked for many years with three World Wide companies.

Still have over 10,000,000 award miles in the combination of my accounts as well as lifetime premier cards. I got into the Frequent Flyer Programs when they first started, even Dead Heading. When the wars came, Triple Mileage if you used an American Express Card to pay, double miles for premier etc. I played all those games too. After I got divorced, I would actually book many of my flights so that I had multiple stops therefore getting more frequent flyer miles and segment awards.

Put all together and about the only things I pay for are taxes and sometime airport fees. Doesn't even pay for me to fly my own planes (Cessna 340A / C-182/ 11AC on Floats - I still teach) unless it means going to somewhere not serviced by an air carrier or just wanting to go for a $100 Hamburger (or more these days).


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