If y'all will pardon my reminiscin'............

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Bob Wright

Jun 24, 2004
Memphis, TN USA
As befits New Year's Eve, been sort of lookin' back, and.........

My first Ruger, a .357 Magnum Blackhawk Flat Top, bought May, 1958, in Paso Robles, CA, when I was a young soldier stationed at Camp Roberts, CA. The grips are mesquite, the first pair of mesquite grips made by CaryC. Over 18,000 rounds fired through it:

My second Ruger, bought in December 1971. The brass grip frame is a Ruger frame, but aftermarket, at a cost of $20. Manydays in the woods with this gun. The best field shot I ever made was in the summer of 1980 when I dropped a ground hog at 110 yards in an Ohio cow pasture.

This 5" Super Blackhawk belonged to my son-in-law who had the barrel cut to 5". He was killed in an automobile wreck in July 1979, and shortly after his death, my daughter gave the gun to me. I've added the custom touches over the years.

Custom .44 Special, an ex-.357 Magnum Three Screw. I bought this gun from answering an add in the paper. It had the transfer bar conversion. Had that removed, all alloy parts removed and case hardened. This gun stands at over 18,000 rounds fired.

A New Model Super Blackhawk. I developed my long range shooting skill with this gun. I practiced enough that I could tear up a Styrofoam coffee cup on the berm at 110 yards downrange.

New Model .45 Colt. This is my constant companion, my every day armament. All steel with stag grips by Patrick Grashorn:

There's more, but won't bore you the whold battery.

To all: HAPPY NEW YEAR! And may God bless you all!

Bob Wright


Jun 26, 2003
A GREAT way to ring-out the year and welcome the new one....nicely done.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our brothers and sisters on (and off) the Forum.....