ID, LA, NM, OK and WA Updates

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Gary Slider

Nov 23, 2007
West Virgiinia
Idaho – (Effective 7/1/2024) The Governor has signed SB 1374 which put restrictions on those using State Property for events. Unless they charge admission etc they can't stop those legally carrying. You need to read the bill at

Idaho – (Effective 7/1/2024) The Governor has signed HB 620 with State wide preemption on knives. "a city, county, or other political subdivision of this state shall not enact any ordinance, rule, or tax relating to the transportation, possession, carrying, sale, transfer, purchase, gift, devise, licensing, registration, or use of a knife or knife making components in this state."

Louisiana - (Effective July 4, 2024) The Governor has signed SB 2 which gives some Limitations of Liability for those with a Permit. Looks like they want to give an incentive to get permits and want to keep making money from issuing permits since they are going Permitless Carry on July 4, 2024.

New Mexico – (Effective on or about June 3, 2024) The New Mexico has signed SB 5 which bans firearms within 100 feet of a polling place even places where an early voting is taking place. You can read the bill at Regular/final/SB0005.pdf

Oklahoma – (Effective November 1, 2024) The Governor has signed SB 1292 which will allow Oklahoma residents to apply for a permit valid for 10 years. Cost is just double the cost of a 5 year permit.

Washington – (Effective June 6, 2024) The Governor has signed a bill into law that prohibits having a weapon at various locations that include zoos, libraries and public transit facilities.

However, the prohibitions under Senate Bill 5444 do not apply to those who have a valid concealed carry permit. What it stops is Open Carry in these places as open carry is legal in Washington without a permit but a permit is needed for concealed carry or carry in an auto. Legislature/5444-S2.PL.pdf?q=20240327153029
Feb 6, 2024
NM polling place ban doesn't apply to folks with CCW, IIRC.
From the bill:

The provisions of Subsection A of this section do not apply to:
(1) a certified law enforcement officer in performance of the officer's official duties;
(2) a law enforcement officer who is certified pursuant to the Law Enforcement Training Act acting in accordance with the policies of the officer's law enforcement agency;
(3) a person in a private automobile or other private means of conveyance; or
(4) a person carrying a concealed firearm who is in possession of a valid concealed handgun license for that firearm pursuant to the Concealed Handgun Carry Act.
C. A person conducting lawful, non-election related business nearer than one hundred feet from the door through which voters may enter to vote or nearer than fifty feet from a monitored secured container is not guilty of unlawful possession of a firearm at a polling place.