I scared myself

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Mar 5, 2015
the Great State of Wide-open (WY)
Thought I'd run low/out of small rifle primers. Darn it. But then 'OH WAIT' there's another ammo box in the very back of the storage container. WHEW, relief. There's another 12K. Pat self on back for overbuying when they were really cheap.

Well, at least somebody here is smart! I learned a while back that a bunch of my small rifle primers are only supposed to be used with low-pressure cartridges like .22 Hornet, and are reportedly not safe for reloading .223 Remington. My SRP supply was reduced by about 1/3, just like that! On the plus side, apparently they're safe for use in pistol cartridges, so my stash of SPP went up an equivalent amount. Guess I'll shoot more pistol ammo!


Dec 9, 2013
Stocked up years ago when primers were $12.50 per K, and ammo at Walmart was $6.96 or less for box of 50 9mm. .45acp was just a little more. Still have some of the yellow Remington boxes with the price tag on them. Yellowfront stores had Wildcat .22 for $14.99 a box, spendy back then after Walmart came in there were under $.80 a box of 50! Bought lots of my surplus ammo back in the cheap days too. Garand's and Carbines still get a regular diet of that.