I have been ROBBED

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Man I am PISSED excuse my foul mouth

KNV34 510-64302
KNV35 510- 63486
KNR5 265- 01821
KNR6 265- 03516
BN36 34-56070
BN36 34-62898
BNM7 600-01205
SSM4 650-00802
SSM6 650-00281
RB35W 36-75228
RB45W 47-39888
NR4F 262-29529
NR4F 262-29548
NR4F 262-29549
NR5F 262-14491
NR5F 262-14167
NR5F 262-14168
NR6F 262-30189
NR6F 262-30190

RSSMW 312204
RSS5W 370002
S47 80-59102
BKH36X 30-13629
BKH36 333857
SBC-450 SBC-01170
NVB34-50 520-16013
S465N-50 870-16013
KNV353 510-65740
KNV353 510-65741
KSSMBH4F 650-55998
SBC4 91-61513
BNV455 57-60000
KS45N 86-57658
BN31 51-37935

Thats the List

Note: Brian has requested a removal of his R.F. registration. When he gets back on his feet he'll reregister.


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Dec 30, 2008
I've missed something...

From someone who's had a gun stolen I can relate. Luckily I had the serial# and it's on file with the Ga. police.

Best wishes, and I wish I had more info...

I'm certainly not one to rub salt into the wound, but I highly recommend recording serial #'s like the poster above...!



Mar 16, 2005

I'm going to the Raleigh show tomorrow and am taking your list. I'd love to have your phone number in case I see any of them. My cell number can be found at my website. If you don't mind giving me a shout there so I can be on the lookout.

Dec 11, 2002
Ohio , U.S.A.
would help to have some "contact" information , such as the PD or sheriff to be 'notified'.........
yes, this does work, have recovered stolen guns in the past for folks.......... :wink:


Hello my name is Eric Minton. My good friend also had a firearm stolen, November 2008. The theft occurred in the small town of Leitchfield, KY. A report was made to the local sheriff, fliers were posted and handed out in our town, as well as, the surrounding communities. An ad was placed in the local newspaper for a month offering a reward. Because my friend wanted more exposure he searched the web for a place to submit his stolen gun, after several hours of searching, he realized no such site existed.
It was that mindset that www.stolenweapon.com was created. A website designed exclusively with the victim of gun theft in mind. In order for us as individuals to preserve our rights we must take initiatives and become proactive in order to prevent governmental gun control. The major negative stigma associated with firearms are gun crimes, but as we all know guns don’t commit crimes, people do. If legislation was passed to control gun ownership it would only hinder and disarm law abiding citizens because criminals would not register guns.
Although gun recovery is difficult, it is not our websites only purpose. At the moment, a stolen weapon is instant cash for any thief, but with our websites capability it will now allow the general public to privately and easily identify a stolen weapon. This will ultimately drive down the value of these weapons; therefore, preventing and deterring a thief from stealing firearms. Unfortunately, there will always be thieves, but who would buy, trade, or sell a firearm they know has been stolen except thieves, and who likes or wants to deal with thieves. By allowing individuals to check our website for stolen weapons this will potentially help reduce crime rates, which threaten our individual freedoms to own guns.
It was explained to us that the majority of the local law enforcement agencies will not run gun checks for the general public. As we all know the NCIC exists, but it is only available for law enforcement use. Law enforcement plays a vital role in the recovery of stolen weapons and we totally support the service they provide. With over 500,000 weapons stolen annually in the U.S. alone we feel there is room for us to make a difference.
www.stolenweapon.com is completely free. It allows individuals, traders, gun shops, buyers, sellers etc….a viable, interactive opportunity to list and also search for stolen firearms. We understand that victims of gun theft (gun owners) want their personal information kept private and we respect the right to privacy; therefore, the personal and serial number information submitted by a victim is completely private and encrypted with a RIJNDAEL_256 bit encrypted string. This information is not stored in any type of readable form in our database and no one else is able to view the submitted information. If a searcher (anyone searching weapons) performs a general weapons description search without a serial number, only those weapons that match the description will show up with the state it was stolen from. The submitters (victim of gun theft) personal information and serial numbers are not viewable. If a searcher performs a serial number search and there is a positive match to the serial number in the database, then an alert is sent to the searcher that the weapon is stolen. Also, an alert is sent to the original submitter. The submitter is then free to contact his/her local law enforcement agency. Only serial number matches trigger alerts.
The www.stolenweapon.com site has been designed in a cut and dry fashion in order to keep it quick and easy. This format keeps the site accessible for everyone to use and does not distract the user from its original purpose. Please know we are dedicated to serving your needs and will be constantly evolving to meet them.
Thank You,
Stolen Weapon Team/Co-founder, Eric Minton Radcliff, KY
Oct 24, 2007
"If a searcher performs a serial number search and there is a positive match to the serial number in the database, then an alert is sent to the searcher that the weapon is stolen. Also, an alert is sent to the original submitter. The submitter is then free to contact his/her local law enforcement agency."

Question: What is the content of the message sent to the original submitter? Is the submitter advised of the identification of the searcher, and vice-versa?



Jan 22, 2001
Dawson, Iowa
Its times like this the Ruger reference comes in handy. All the catalog number breakdowns are in there. Once you get the hang of ciphering a few its really not too bad.

KNV34 510-64302...Stainless New Vaquero, .357 4-5/8"
KNV35 510- 63486...Stainless New Vaquero, .357 5-1/2"
KNR5 265- 01821...Stainless New Model Single-Six 5-1/2"
KNR6 265- 03516...Stainless New Model Single-Six 6-1/2"
BN36 34-56070...blue New model .357 Blackhawk 6-1/2"
BN36 34-62898...blue New model .357 Blackhawk 6-1/2"
BNM7 600-01205...blue New Model .357 Maximum Blackhawk 7-1/2"
SSM4 650-00802...blue Single-Six .32 Mag 4-5/8"
SSM6 650-00281...blue Single-Six .32 Mag 6-1/2"
RB35W 36-75228...Ruger Bisley .357 7-1/2" With Engraved cylinder.
RB45W 47-39888...Ruger Bisley .45 7-1/2" With Engraved cylinder.
NR4F 262-29529...Davidson's Drift adj. rear sight New Model Single-Six 4-5/8"
NR4F 262-29548...Davidson's Drift adj. rear sight New Model Single-Six 4-5/8"
NR4F 262-29549...Davidson's Drift adj. rear sight New Model Single-Six 4-5/8"
NR5F 262-14491...Davidson's Drift adj. rear sight New Model Single-Six 5-1/2"
NR5F 262-14167...Davidson's Drift adj. rear sight New Model Single-Six 5-1/2"
NR5F 262-14168...Davidson's Drift adj. rear sight New Model Single-Six 5-1/2"
NR6F 262-30189...Davidson's Drift adj. rear sight New Model Single-Six 6-1/2"
NR6F 262-30190...Davidson's Drift adj. rear sight New Model Single-Six 6-1/2"

RSSMW 312204...OM Single-Six, fixed sights .22 Mag only, magnum marked with 6-1/2" barrel and Walnut grips
RSS5W 370002...OM Single-Six, fixed sights L.R. only with 5-1/2" barrel and Walnut grips
S47 80-59102...OM Super Blackhawk .44 Mag. 7-1/2"
BKH36X 30-13629...OM Blackhawk .357 6-1/2" barrel, 9mm convertible
BKH36 333857...OM Blackhawk .357 6-1/2" barrel, 9mm convertible
SBC-450 SBC-01170...Super Bearcat, 4" 50th Anniversary
NVB34-50 520-16013...New Model .357 .4-5/8" 50th Anniversary flattop
S465N-50 870-16013...New Model .44 Mag 6-1/2" 50th Anniversary flattop, this and the gun above it look like a matched set, so will probably have the two gun display box with them.
KNV353 510-65740...Stainless New Vaquero .357 3-5/8" Sheriff's model
KNV353 510-65741...Stainless New Vaquero .357 3-5/8" Sheriff's model
KSSMBH4F 650-55998...Stainless Single-Six .32 Mag, birdshead grip, 4-5/8" with fixed Vaquero style sights.
SBC4 91-61513...OM Super Bearcat
BNV455 57-60000...blue New Model Vaquero .45 Colt, 5-1/2" barrel.
KS45N 86-57658...stainless Super Blackhawk .44 Mag., 5-1/2" barrel New Model
BN31 51-37935...blue Blackhawk New Model .30 carbine.

instaallaternc: I've also got you figured out as being an RENE member. If none of these are recovered by the time the next issue goes to print, let me know and I'll get notice of them in that issue. Somebody is bound to find some of them.

And for everybody who asked, he's in North Carolina. I think the more information that is provided right away, the quicker these can be recovered. I wouldn't want something like this happening to me either.



Jan 22, 2001
Dawson, Iowa
installaternc":1mqucmvj said:
SSM4 650-00802

installaternc: Let us know whether this gun was marked SSM on the left side of the cylinder frame or not (if you happen to have caught that). If the gun shows up on an auction site, the SSM marking would be a red flag as there's only three of those currently known (if yours is SSM marked, it would be the 4th known). Ruger changed the rollmark right about sn 650-00800.


Jan 29, 2009
Good Morning Everybody

Chet15 thank you very much for your post of the guns
Robbery took place Jan 10 2009
Providence, NC which is just south of Danville, VA off US29 and north
of Greensboro, NC
As of this time no guns have been recovered
The SSM4 is NOT marked SSM ( just the SSM6 )
Again thank you Chet15


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May 21, 2011
Western Montana
Just some helpful tips that I can think of to help a guy out.

Serial number: Keep it on a CD with pictures of your guns, and also on paper. I have one in my safe and one at my insurance carrier. Make sure and get the serial number off the scope, binoculars, spotting scope, and anything else that has one!

Make and model and chambering: Of the firearm and of the scope. Particulars are important.

Photo's: A picture is worth a thousand words and they can be very useful in identification.

If something is stolen: Call and give the firearm information to pawn shops in the area. Firearms discription and how they can contact you. Law Enforcement checks pawn shop sheets and runs serial numbers on firearms, or a lot of them do, but it could be a while before that happens. Make those calls as most reputable shops DO NOT want to deal in stolen merchandise.

A big hunt planned: Take the time to take a couple photo's of each firearm you are taking with you, spotting scopes, the expensive stuff. Put the make model and serial number on back of the picure and laminate it and carry this with you on your trip. Make these about credit card size so if something happens you have that information immediately. Trying to get back home to get your information, or reaching the wife at home and then trying to explain where you carefully have your information stored can be tough.

Nice idea on the stolenweapon.com site! Good job!


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Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
Well, we can add the following to a stolen list;
Ruger Security-Six
Model GA-34H
Serial number 157-56849
4" stainless
Hogue hard plastic gripper grips
Stolen 9/5/12
Entered in crime data base

david knutson

Oct 20, 2007
charlo mt. usa
How do they get away with so much do they use a torch to open your safe? I have cannon fuse taped around the door of mine you can only guess what is at the end of the fuses . The end result? some real banged up guns (that are insured) and no more robber. I caught a group breaking down my door at a different address about 5 years ago they were all prosecuted and one shot himself, I say good riddance to the trash!
When I bought this place the ease of getting to it was one of my first thoughts and it is not a e z target 1 mile of private drive way , alarm, gate, then the guns not in the safes,, a wife and daughter that will shoot ,,,forget all that my dogs are not the type you mess with the,
JWs don't even look out here...good luck to you


Aug 28, 2003
I had 9 guns stolen in 1991. I gave sheriff Detailed description, serial # of all guns, make of scopes on guns if any and even a set of pictures of all the guns stolen. I have not heard a word on any of them being recovered in 25 years.


Apr 12, 2007
Idaho & Calif
I had two pistol's stolen in 1993.. A M629 Classic and 651 (no dash).. The 44mag was recovered by the Sheriff within 1-month, the 22mag last year.
I traded the 44-mag right away but glad to get the 22mag back.
The thieves didn't take the four digit flat top 44 or any other single action for some reason, little did they know of values.


Nov 23, 2013
Monroe County, MS
Old thread, but I wonder how many gun thefts are contract jobs, and not just run of the mill robbery? Kinda like boosting a list of cars for somebody with a specific want.