I am enjoying this nice revolver

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Jul 19, 2009
North Louisiana
First Ruger I have owned, and first SA if have owned. I am loving it more each time I pick it up. Nostalgia at its best along with good function and POWER from this OM SBH.

I have to be honest. First couple of cylinders full, I couldnt group no tighter that 18 inches at 15 yards. Now after some practice and learning to be meticulous with the trigger squeeze, I shot today at about 40 yards offhand and could group 3 shots in about 3" offhand. The longer lock time factors in too. My SBH has a darn nice trigger that breaks crisp with just a tiny, tiny amount of trigger travel before breakover. This is my second favorite gun ( #1 is a ZKK-602 375 H&H) of all I own, but I love them all. A versatile gun this is and can be used for self defense (albeit not optimum as far as carry goes), for hunting deer, elk, small bear, and hogs, and then just general powder burning. It is versatile with 44 russian, special, and magnum case abilities. The reloader has many options as well.

On top of all the things I have said, It is a handsome firearm and well made. The blueing on this old model is excellent. It balances well and recoil is just moderate, to me, and less than what I expected. It is very comfortable to shoot. When taken in hand it inspires confidence and takes me back to a simpler day before the dad-blasted semi-auto frenzy and even the DA revolver which I also love. I have no intentions of imitating Hickok or Wyatt Earp but do love the simplicity of this piece and its glass smooth action. It feels like a gun should. Can't wait to take a whitetail with it. I usually carry my 30-06 but this cannon will be my sidekick on many hunts in the years to come, even on those days when just packed along.

I think this gun was an excellent choice for what I wanted. My 686 smith is much better for carry and self defense, but I like this gun better overall. The 44 magnum has an undisputed reputation as a good all-around big game pistol cartridge when used with common sense.

Happy Ruger customer here. Glad I didn't buy a NEW MODEL. Nothing against them, but I'm glad I bought this one. Happy shooting everyone!



Jan 10, 2005
Alexandria, LA USA
I'm like you and find shooting the OM Blackhawks a very enjoyable experience. I have both new and old and still have favorites with some of the new models, but the feel and 'shootability' of the Old Models can't be beat. I have made up my mind that I am going to restrict my gun buying to old models until I get a couple I have been wanting, even if it means having to save up longer before I am ready to buy. There's gotta be a BKH44 or BKH 41 or 42 out there for me!


Staff member
Dec 30, 2008
There's something special about the click click click CLICK. I have several old SA's and some new ones. I can't explain the feeling about an OM Ruger. Somehow I don't think I have to.

Oh the history. If only these guns could talk. BANG/SMILE is a universal language :wink:

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