How to spot a fake Larue mount....56K warning!

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Jan 15, 2005
Pinson, AL
In the interest of others not wasting their money like I did.....

I knew it was too good to be true. I found the Larue Eotech mount I had been looking for on Gunbroker
for $50. I was slightly suspicious, but I guess I WANTED to believe it. :oops:

I looked at the pictures of the mount on Larue's website, and tried to compare them to the pics the seller had listed
on the auction. It looked enough like the real deal, that I hit 'buy now' hoping that someone had just ordered the wrong mount for their
build, and was cutting their losses.

I was wrong. :(

After installing my 'new' mount, I noticed some slight deficiencies, that I will show with the following pics.

Here is the REAL Larue LT-110 Eotech Mount

It comes in a labeled ziploc bag with a Larue label.


Included in the bag is the mount, and a Larue adjustment wrench for the tension on the throw lever.


Here is the REAL LT-110


Here is a side by side with the fake on top.

Notice the diffenerce in finish of the two mounts.
The fake is shinier, almost like paint (which it may be).


The fake has a 'shelf' in the machining which the real LT-110 does not have.


This was my first real clue as to having a fake. Note the approx. 5-7 deg cant of the mount and Eotech to the left.
(See top of Troy BUIS in foreground as a reference.)


Upon closer inspection, the FAKE has an uneven gap visible at the front of the rail.


After removing the mount (After shooting about 50-60 rounds), I discovered the finish had been rubbed off
the inside of the mount anywhere that the rail on my Bushy touched it. (I can only assume this means it was moving
under recoil)


Then I noticed that the writing on the side of the mount looked 'funny'. Kinda 'squished down'.
REAL is on top.


The outline of the state of Texas looked weird as well. The real LT-110 says '2004 APPI Pantented'
The fake mount says '2004 APM Pat Pend'
REAL is top photo.



Another place you can see a difference is the quality / look of the throw levers themselves.
The fake has sharp edges and a thin finish that rubs off if you look at it sideways.
The real LT-110 has a deep black finish and rounded smooth edges.
REAL is on the left.


The hardware on the throw lever is also different as you can see. The real mount has a smaller nut on
the stud, while the fake has a large nut of a different color.
REAL is on top.


The easiest way too tell is to flip them over. The real Larue has 'LT-110' and USA stamped into the bottom of it.
REAL is on top.



Here is the real LT-110 installed, note it is level with the top of the Troy BUIS in foreground.


Here is the evenly spaced gap at the front end of the real mount.


So, it seems that I bought an Airsoft replica of a Larue LT-110.

After reviewing the gunbroker ad that I purchased it from, I realized the description did say
"Larue STYLE QD Mount" but the seller did use the same description and graphic
that Larue uses about adjusting the locking lever. (No mention that it was an airsoft replica).

I should have read more closely, but now if you see one at a gunshow, you will know what to look for.

-Tim S.


Oct 19, 2007
Strum, WI
firecaptain":1xaqe8vg said:
Has anyone contacted Larue about the counterfit mount?

Somebody should. As soon as they put the Larue name and logo on it, they committed a crime. People can sell "Larue style" mounts all they want, but using their brand and logo is over the line.


Dec 20, 2007
Mark is pretty good about taking care of his customers. In a lot of these instances he will replace the fake mount free of charge.
My Larue mount is one of the best pieces of hardware I have purchased. I try to always buy through Larue just for the dillo dust and tactical beverage entry tool.


Jan 15, 2005
Pinson, AL

The Larue LT-110 is a mount designed to attach an Eotech 'red-dot' sight
to the top rail of an AR15 (or anything else with a picatinny rail).

You can mount the sight directly to the rail if you wish, but your front sight post will be halfway up in the 'window' of the sight. (co-witnessed)

This mount raises the Eotech up .275" to put the front sight post lower in the field of view.

When I look through the Eotech, I don't really care to have the front sight cluttering the view. (I know I should get a different gas block and flip down front BUIS)

This mount also detaches in about a second, by flipping the Quick Disconnect lever on the side of it. If your Eotech is so damaged as to be un-useable, you can strip the sight off, and flip up your rear sight, and go to irons in just a couple of seconds.

-Tim S.

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