How to Bold and Highlight (color) Text and add images

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Nov 5, 2007
Dallas, TX
I was reading the thread in the office section just now. Apparently there are still questions with this new software on how to highlight and bold text. I know most everyone knows this, but there are a few still on the fence, and others might not at all and don't want to ask.

This is a test of how to bold and highlight text. The easiest way is to type what you want, then with your computer mouse, select the text (left click and drag the mouse) You can be more specific about which text you want to bold and/or highlight (color)

I made two screenshots (below) showing where the buttons are. On an iphone or ipad, they are still there, but depending upon the size of your screen there may be more hidden under the three vertical dots (ellipsis)...

Also...for inserting images into a post. It's much better to use the little grey icon at the top, vs the blue "attach files" down below. You can get the whole image into the post, and not a thumbnail that people have to click on to see the image.

To resize the picture, simply drag from a corner and make it whatever size you want.

some selections for editing text.


and more selections for editing text

For inserting images into a post


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