How I Rememberered The End Of WWII

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Sep 1, 2003
Richmond Texas USA
Well guys,
Since there is a post about WWII Vets in the Lounge. I thought I would tell you what Son and I, along with others did. This was to honor all the WWII Vets and the 70th anniversary of the ending of WWII. This took Place all over the country on 8-16-15 by many Warbird owners.
There were several large sponsor like the CAF, Warbirds Of America, and the USAF Museum along with several others. This helped to pay for the gas these Planes use.
We were a 4 plane formation that consisted of a Stearman, Stinson, Yak 52, and us.
We flew over the USS Lexinton which saw battle in WWII, City of Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi Naval Air Station (NAS), Kingsville NAS, Alice Texas, and the beach of Port Aransas. This was a feel good flight of remembering the students and pilots that have sat in the seat that I was lucky enough to sit in, in our 1943 SNJ-4 Texan . Ones like it trained every WWII Navy pilot during WWII. It was nicknamed the Pilot Maker for a very good reason. President Bush received his wings at NAS Corpus so it's possible he sat in it. :wink:


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May 2, 2012
Cool planes. I know nothing about flying other than the few times I've rode along I enjoyed it. The first thing I noticed was....OH CRAP your props aren't turning :!: Cameras must just be fast or faster than the props I assume.


Feb 22, 2007
Round Rock, Texas
Great pics! We toured the Lex not long after it was open for tourists. Highly interesting, as the last carrier I had toured was the Block Island (a "Jeep" carrier) when it visited the Naval Air Station in San Juan, Puerto Rico around 1952. Our military dependents' school was just a couple blocks from its berth, so classes were led over for a looksee. The deck was wood, as I recall, and the pilots' ready room was pretty small. No jets on the ship, just prop planes. We saw them unload a smashed up plane with a crane onto a flatbed truck.