How do I properly "fit" a cylinder?

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Jun 18, 2001
Star Valley, WY
Without some sophisticated tools one has to make some assumptions.

What I've done is reduce the "new cylinder's" over all length so it fits the cylinder frame window with a little bit of "working room"..... a thou or so.
Look at the B/C gap.

Test fire.

Now, the proper way is to gauge the cylinder frame's ratchet face depth, the cylinder's ratchet height, cylinder O.A.L., the barrel to cylinder gap and also check chamber to bore alignment.

Ruger's mass production techniques will usually stack things in your favor.

Above info for informational purposes only. Have a qualified Gunsmith do the work.

Dec 11, 2002
Ohio , U.S.A.
Fortunately, when you obtain a "used" cylinder, it has already been "fitted", yes, to another gun, but they are pretty darn close in "mass production" and at times you will find, they literally will "drop in" and work, but still one MUST have any and all clearances, alignments, gaps and timing, checked out and ensure proper fit................
bottom line, use the cylinder that is in the gun, from THAT gun, and if its working properly, you can try and "replicate" the measurements, try and find another cylinder, this same size, ( over all length)either the same, or slightly longer...NOT shorter, or you can have 'problems & issues'............make sure the cylinder you are seeking is of the SAME vintage, with in the same model era...this helps.......otherwise you gotta start from scratch and 'customize' to make it work, and can get costly...............
anydoubt, contac tRuger and get a price ( estimate) and be aware if an "old model" they will need to do the 'safety update" BEFORE they do ANYTHING else to your gun....thats 'policy'................

Good luck and happy new year.................