Holster so comfortable you forget you're carrying?

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Dec 16, 2005
On the beach and in the hills
What kind of garment (that's my fancy word for the day) are you guys using to cover those OWB crossdraw holsters? I've toyed with the idea of getting one in the past, but wasn't sure how well it would conceal. I'm guess not too well with a tshirt, but a standard button up worn outside the paints might work.
Mostly "Hawaiian" shirts out here. Old, white guy in one of those is invisible and harmless.


Oct 17, 2009
In the AZ oven (Phoenix basin)
I have one of those Micro 9’s. They are small versions of 1911. I like the size. With concentration they are fairly accurate at closer ranges.

It is a pretty comfortable configuration—narrow and small for its size. I was generally happy with my micro 9.

I decided to buy another special edition recently and it was broken right out of the box— new from Kimber. Sent it back. Called Kimber and emailed them—pretty upset about it and the telephone responder lost all interest when I told him I was returning it through Bass ProShops. I was still more upset and wrote them and they never responded.

Bass ProShos botched the return stating it was a failure to feed. It was a hammer sear issue where the hammer locked up in the down position.

It was returned to me and I found it still broken, returning it to Bass ProShops again in the jammed position. They freaked out because they could not determine if there was a round in the chamber. I had to tell them how to free it. Flipping the safety on and off a few times and juggling the slide and trigger.

I filed a Better Business Bureau Complaint and sent Bass another email which they responded to saying they would fix it for no charge. I was given a number to call and dumped into voicemail and the party that wrote me was impossible to reach. The dial by name did not work.

Bass gave me a full refund as it was my second return and the managers Mike and Ashley were very kind and professional to me.

Seriously. A conceal carry pistol jamming right out of the box? What kind of QC do they have? Plus it got through QC twice. They should be eager to get it back to find out WTF happened. But no, Kimber was not interested in process improvement. I urinate on the whole bunch, particularly the first fellow I talked to on the phone. Who needed to be fired, although drawn and quarter would have been suitable as well.

Back to holsters for the Micro 9: I have an kidney carry and a Azula cross draw. Both are super comfortable. The kidney carry is single leather w/o lining and is a nuisance to holster but otherwise comfortable. The Azusa cross draw has loosened up some with use. I wish it had a hammer strap.

A slightly better cross draw is the DiSantis—also lacking a hammer strap, but it has a tension screw. It seemed like the best of these, but I have not used it much to date.

Generally I like cross draw for comfort. A belt under overalls is super comfortable and relatively easy to put on or off. Take the whole belt off— no belt loops. I have Carhartt overalls with some stretch to them. Three pairs—two for work and one clean unstained version. At my age I know longer carry about a few stains. Comfort rules.

I like having access while seated in a car as I’ve had more than few sketchy people approach my car and one hand speedy access is comforting, while the other is prepared to fend off if needed. I have a policy of not letting strangers getting too close.

Honorable mention is the 1791 holster which can be used strong side, appendix, cross draw, small of the back, pretty much any way you like. I have mine in 1911. Also it allows the belt to be routed under or through the reinforcing on either side as it’s ambidextrous. Routing through the outside edge holds the piece closer to the body reducing printing giving up a bit of comfort. It’s about the most perfect holster as it does it all with only a small increase in bulk—one extra layer of leather. That other piece can be removed with a thread ripper. It does help hold the shape. Given it negligible thickness and get utility I decided to keep it as it was sold.

Final thoughts. Nothing beats a belt under overalls for comfort, concealment and access. Most people have lots of stuff in front pockets, perhaps a belly to disguise it, and others generally don’t stare at groin or lower chest areas, so it works. And if carried in front, you can see where people are looking and typically it is at your face, not your belly—- compared with someone following you noticing a bulge in your back or hip.

I recall as a child seeing all this stuff printed through shirts thinking this so many men had back braces! Lol. They were “small of the back” carrying. Something I tried and gave up long ago.

Size matters. The bigger your firearm, the more specialized you need to be for concealed carry. If you think about it and are willing to try different things and modify or make holsters adapters or belts, you can make something super comfortable. If all else fails a pocket carry small arm often works. My Micro 9 fits in a pocket rather well also.
I'm sorry . . . . I don't see what most of that has to do with the holster. :rolleyes:

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