Holster Care

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Aug 6, 2008
Helena, MT
I would like some tips and advice on caring for leather holsters. In the last year or two I have become pretty serious about carrying guns while woods walking and for CCW. I have acquired a few holsters and they are starting to show the use. :roll:

My main question is about my IWB holster. It is getting some light colored areas where it rubs against the waistband of my pants. Is there something I should be treating it with periodically to protect/maintain the leather? Sorry this picture isn't great. I couldn't get it to come out as nice as the others with the black leather.


My pancake holster is getting a bit scuffed from hiking and biking and general outdoor use. Same question, should I be doing something about it?


This holster I don't really have a question about I just wanted to post the picture. Especially since it turned out the best out of the three. :D The holster with the awesome patina and the sentimental value is the goal. It goes with the S&W that was always there for protection in the house or in the hills when I was growing up. Now it comes along with me for the same purpose when I decide to hike up a mountain on the night of the 4th to watch fireworks from 1700ft. :roll: The smaller holster is for my SP101. I guess I'll have to start wearing two guns when I hike or else make hard decisions since I want them both to match eventually. :lol:



Apr 23, 2008

My main concern with treating leather holsters is, "will it contribute to the leather losing it's shape?" I like my holsters to retain their shape, basically i like them to stay rigid to a degree. I want the holster to remain "open" for easy reholstering.

While products like "saddle soap" and natural oils may be good for leather and preventing leather from cracking, they may also cause the leather to become flexible. not a good thing for helping a holster retain its rention ability and remain open after drawing the gun. I have heard suggestions of using this oil, that product etc. However, i have heard just as many critical comments about these exact products.

I suggest contacting one or two holster makers and ask them what they suggest to use to "freshen up" their leather. preferably the folks who made your particular holsters.