Hey Pvtshultz those are absoulutely beautiful grips.

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Jan 29, 2009
Southern KY
I just want to compliment you on the beautiful work you do in making grips for our beloved SA Rugers. I'm a tool and die maker and a serious woodworker who makes my own grips for my Rugers from spalted Bradford Pear, antique rosewood, purpleheart, and other, native rescued woods. I have found that an occasional source of interesting wood is some of the local donation centers that take in old rickety furniture for resale. One small pecan end table yields lots of dried and dimensioned wood for my cutting pleasure. I don't sell my grips but only make them for self and family.
I admire your CAD/CAM approach with custom hand fit and finishing, and have found the same oil finish you mention on your site to be wonderful. Now if I can just teach myself to checker.....
Knowing what goes into making grips and the time involved in finishing, I can say that my belief is that your prices are very reasonable.
Best of all things to you and yours, Don

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