Help with some 22LR prices.

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Jul 21, 2008
My oldest brother who was a disabled Veitnam Vet ( 3 tours) died a little less than 5 1/2 yrs. ago and at that time my sister inlaw sold almost all of his guns but kept a few. My sister inlaw is now looking to move the rest of his guns. I am interested in buying the two following guns from her. I have not seen them and only have the following descriptions to go buy so I'm looking for a idea of what would a fare price for her. Both guns are NIB and unfired. I will forward a link to this thread for her to watch also. I thank you ahead of time for the help. Randy

Ruger # 1: Type: PR Cal: .22 LR/22WMR Model: 00660 New Model Six (50th Anniversary Special) 6 shot revolver, Serial Number: 2683XX77. This gun is starting to get a little rust on it from being in the safe. I think it just needs a little TLC.

Ruger # 2: Type: PI Cal: .22LR Model: 00169 MARK II NRA Endowment. Serial Number: NRA06530 Blue Barrel, white pistol grips.


Jan 12, 2009
Montana 'Merica
If they are New In Box they are worth about $350 each... if they have been shot, I'd only pay about $300 each. Rust is bad, even a little, that could seriously detract from the value.


Feb 12, 2008
I just saw an MKII NRA Endowment model sell for $375 at a gun show last week. Actually sold, not just priced at that. I have one of them NIB and am thinking of selling it along with my two NIB 50th year MKII models. I just am starting to lean away from the glamor of having non-shooters taking up space in my safe. They are nice looking pistols nonetheless. If they were your brother's guns you should NEVER turn loose of them! They deserve to stay in your family forever! They need some oil and love and will outlast generations of shooters. Just think how cool it will be someday for some descendant to have a gun that their great-uncle owned and kept to pass on to them via you! Buy them, clean the rust off very gently and keep them oiled up when you're not shooting and enjoying them. You'll get lots of satisfaction out of remembering your brother every time you handle and use them....and of only the small price of a few hundred bucks! Money is a common as dirt, but those heirlooms are not. Anyone reading this would do well to remember that last sentence.