Hawkeye Range Report

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Mar 24, 2001
I picked up this rifle for a song---sat on the dealers shelf for about a year---so it had handling wear but never shot--I figured it was gonna get that way anyway--they marked it down to $450 for a new stainless Hawkeye .30-06.

I took it out several months back but didn't have a proper rest so basically got it on paper and shot the rest of the box for the heck of it--so it had exactly 20 rounds through it before yesterday. Cleaned it when I got home.

Got serious about it and took it to the range yesterday---had 3 different loads to try out ---the Hornady and Federal 180gn loads gave so-so results but did manage to dial in the scope a little better.

So dig out the Federal 150gn loads from Walmart ($14 a box)-shoot a 3 shot group and made scope adjustments--cool it off--shoot another 3 shot group and more scope adjustments.

So that left 4 shots in the 10 round rack--loaded those in the magazine and let the gun completely cool off.

I was shooting the 1in orange stick on dots---so what happens?? A 4 shot SUB-MOA group from a cold barrel-----didn't measure it but all 4 shots were inside the orange dot.

Not bad at all for a cheap rifle and cheap Walmart ammo. No cleaning between groups--just let the barrel cool off----the gun now maybe 40 to 50 rounds though it now.

Nice to have a tack driver for a back-up rifle---might even make it my main rifle if it keeps this up.

PS--It was the first time out for my Browing A-bolt Composite Stalker also a .30-06.
Neither gun liked the Federal 180's--but the A-bolt was also giving sub-moa groups with the Hornady 180's---didn't bother with the 150's---just put the scope caps back on and called it a day after that.


Jun 8, 2009
Rugerfreak-awesome I to love the 30-06.

Shot all types of ammo in mine to ,shoots them all a bit different some better then others.
Love it when it shoots the cheap stuff well.

For hunting try the Federal 180 or 165 Barnes TSX. -great accuracy and deadly.

Good shooting-Steve