Have to hide your boat

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Sparks, NV
Mar 2, 2022
After a small earthquake my wife noticed the chimney which we never used as we were sensitive to the smoke, we had a handyman tear it all down, which left a large portion of the wall which used to be the entrance to a garage/converted to a den, quite bare. My wife asked me what to do. I told her since she was quite the artist, she should paint a window with curtains on it and a busy-body neighbor woman with binoculars in it, just like the lady who lived across the street from us who had called the building department to see if our handyman had a permit to tear down the chimney. He explained it had been put up without a permit and it was not attached to the house. Building inspector let it go. He also mentioned the busy body neighbor to our handyman who mentioned it to me, which is where I got the idea for the picture. Sure wish my wife had painted the picture! Would have been a riot!!! :ROFLMAO:

Jack Ryan

Aug 21, 2012
If he'd spent half as much effort learning the rules of where he WANTED TO MOVE, everyone might have been a lot happier.