Have to atone for my "OM Single Six shoots high"

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Jul 16, 2009
Orange, Ca
Have a OM Single Six that I've asked a buncha questions about on this sight. Fixed sight (was WMR only when sold). Have always shot HIGH w/ WMR and randomly w/ 22lr (6 1/2" barrel).

So finally painted the front sight WHITE today, ran a box each of 22LR and WMR through it.

Was shooting well w/ my 9mm non-Ruger brand gun ( 92FS Inox!!! ) so thought, lets let the SingleSix do it's thing...

GUESS WHAT - After being able to SEE the front sight clearly, it was awesome. WMR was a single hole (2 fliers out of 6 cylinders) and 22lr was about a 2" random hole (at 7 meters).

It's fun to tear paper when the guys next to me were blowing holes all over their human target at 7 meters and the SS could do no wrong.

Yes these little pistolas are FUN!!! Thats all I got, but had to say that the fixed sight Single Sixes (OM) shoot JUST FINE!!! :)