Guide to Mark III - Field stripping, Upgrading, Cleaning+++

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Before attempting any work on your firearm, please make sure your firearm is unloaded and safe to work on.
The following information has been compiled to help Mark III owners find information in one place.
All content was made by their respective owners. Props goes out to these guys. There's more to add to this thread, so
I hope you will contribute with your comments, and I will do my best to update the thread.

Tutorials in this thread:
I. Field Strip
II. Volquartsen Accurizing Kit Installation
III. FTE/Stovepipe Problem/Solutions
IV. Volquartsen Extractor Installation
V. Personal Experiences
VI. Magazine Safety Removal Mod
VII. Cleaning
VIII. Ultimate Cliploader
IX. Places to purchase parts

I. Fieldstrip Videos:
Field stripping the Mark III by OrbitalMechanics
1. Stripdown:

2. Reassemble:

Before firing the first round:
I would recommend a field strip and a good cleaning of your new Ruger before first use. During my first cleaning,
there were tiny metal jibs, from production, in places where they should not have been. Plus, field stripping, cleaning,
and oiling is fun with the right tools and knowledge.

II. Volquartsen Accurizing Kit Installation: ...

Instructions and Pictures to Detail Strip Mark III (Use this guide to install VQ parts and accurizing kit)

III. FTE/Stovepipe Problem/Solutions
If your gun is having problems, then here's all you need to know:

IV. Volquartsen Extractor Installation:

V. Personal experience from installing parts:
The accurizing kit feels smooth as slicing through butter once installed. 2.25 pound trigger pull. If I were to do the
install of the Accurizing Kit again, I would have purchased the Accurizing Kit and Titanium Disconnector and installed
them all in one detail strip. I will be purchasing the Disconnector soon, so I will have to do another detail strip of
the trigger components.

The overall kit installation was not that bad. The internal parts removal was okay, but the trigger removal and parts
installation were a challenge. There are a few steps I got snagged on. I'll try and clarify to make it easier for you.
If you refer to the guntalk pictures:

Internal frame Removal Step #5 - Safety lever - Yes, use caution when removing, or you may lose the tiny ball and/or

Internal frame Installation Step #5 - Sear/Safety lever - The sear MUST be pushed up into the groove on the safety lever.
While putting pressure on the sear in the up position, place the sear into the groove on the safety lever.

Trigger removal Step #1 - If you watched VQ video on this one, don't use a hammer! The trigger pivot pin is held by a
thick wire/spring, which holds it in place. This is that one wire that goes alongside the frame. You'll need to apply
pressure by pushing this spring down with either an allen wrench or the end of a plastic pen (be careful while applying
pressure to not scratch the frame). The pressure will allow just enough space so that the pin can freely move. So while
applying pressure, you can now pull the pin out.

The VQ edge extractor can be installed any time with your standard field strip, and is relatively easy to install.

VI. Magazine Safety Removal (no more stuck mags)
Magazine safety removal (bottom of the page):

After reading the post by ruger22, all you need to do this mod are 2 stainless M5 washers, and 1 SAE #10. The washers may be a
tight fit, so dremel the center out, polish, and you're all done. No cutting needed. ruger22's method is very efficient.

VII. Cleaning your .22:
From the late and great Donald C. Nygord:
I use Hoppes.

VIII. The Ultimate Cliploader:
This tool will load your magazine in under 5 seconds flat:
Video by JasonShooter:

IX. Places to purchase parts for your Mark III: ... -mkiimkiii

VQ Black Accurizing Kit: ... ber=261502 ... kiii-black

(The difference between the black vs. silver is that the black kit has a black extended bolt release vs. the silver
kit has a silver extended bolt release.)

VQ Silver/Stainless Accurizing Kit: ... ber=319266 ... uger-mkiii

VQ Exact Edge Extractor: ... ber=363360

VQ Titanium Disconnector: ... sconnector

Ultimate Cliploader:

Be safe, and enjoy your Ruger!