Grip KARMA! Giving away 4 sets of grips to celebrate #1,000

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Oct 11, 2005
West Allis, WI, USA
Hello all! I haven't been on the forums in a while now, the kids are getting older, business is picking up, and I just done ran out of time to come here and hang out with y'all. For that, I apologize.

In keeping with my tradition of giving away a set of grips for every 100 that I make, I have some catching up to do. I fell way behind going back to December and some of my customers had to wait up to 12 weeks to receive grips. I just couldn't make them fast enough and didn't feel right giving away a set at #900. Well, I've caught up now that summer is hear, and I've passed #1,000 so I have some catching up to do here as well.

For set #900, I am going to give away two sets of grips made from crotch figured white oak given to me by my late father. I swore upon his death not to profit from it and have been making grips for friends and family from it. Y'all are just the same in my eyes.

For set #1000, I am going to give away two sets of grips made from any material listed on my website, your choice. The only rules are:

1. You must be a God fearing American.
2. You must support the US Constitution and all those that defend(ed) it.
3. You must have a Ruger revolver with a grip frame that I offer grips for (OM XR3, XR3-RED, "New-XR3", and SBH Dragoon).

To enter into this drawing, just drop a reply along the lines of "Put my name in the hat". Please do not post if you are not interested in winning a set of grips.

I will draw for the #1000 prize first and the #900 prize second. The drawing will be held September 22nd or 23rd, whenever I get to it first.

Thanks and good luck!


Aug 7, 2009
I would love a chance at your grips. Please put my name in