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Aug 7, 2015
So I found some good 9mm ammo on Wal-Mart's website for $25 bucks. The Federal Champion 9mm 115gr FMJ value pack. 100 rounds for $25 bucks. Funny how the website says it's GMJ, but it's actually listed as FMJ on the box. I was shocked how inexpensive it was! I paid $34 for the WWB at Dick's last week. I had some trouble with it in my new SR9 but the Federal fired great. Unfortunately I paid $18 for 50 rounds at a gun shop last week. Won't be doing that again. I feel like I've hit a gold mine. They just got some new shipments in today at the new Wal-Mart in my town. It was out of stock for a few days until now.

I saw all sorts of brands that weren't listed on their website. They even had TulAmmo. I told the guy behind the counter that it was great and he seemed to enjoy talking about firearms and ammo. Said they got 4 boxes of 1000 round ammo in today, and already sold 3 of them. I guess it's in high demand around here. I also asked when they get their ammo shipments and he said it's random, they never really know what day they will come. Not sure if he said that because he was afraid someone would hear and try to rob them, or if that's really the case.

Anyway, I'm super excited to go shoot it (if you couldn't tell). Might go to the range during the day tomorrow or Thursday.


And look how nice it's stacked. I'm impressed.



Jan 3, 2012
Before I started rolling my own, the Federal value packs were my 9mm of choice. They were $20 per 100 before the everything went crazy a couple years ago. Much better ammo, IMO, than WWB.

Wally World also carries Perfecta brand at $11 a box. I used a box of this last week when I needed to use factory ammo, and it performed flawlessly for me in my SR9c.


Mar 27, 2013
its very good target ammo especially for the price. below is a link to target sports usa, an onlne retailer here in CT that often has some really good deals. they have the same federal 9mm you show above, only its in the 50rd boxes, but it is actually priced lower than the walmart "value pack". if you order a full case of 20 boxes (1,000rds), you get free shipping to your door too! on top of that, you don't have to pay local sales tax either like you would at walmart.

check out the site, they have some pretty good deals on 9mm, .40sw, and some .45acp. most of the ammo gets free shipping if you order it as a full case, so if you can't use it all, split it with a buddy. a quick tip while searching, upper left corner button helps you filter out the out of stock items.

they just got in a shipment of 9mm speer gold dot 124gr +p 50rd boxes for $28 I think.

also, as a disclaimer, I am not the owner or a shareholder, just a happy customer many times over sharing some deals that can be had.


Apr 10, 2005
Triton is telling you right.
Walmart: .............$250.00 per 1000 + tax + gas to get there and back.
Target Sports: ....$229.80 per tax, free shipping, plus it comes packed in (much handier) individual 50-rd boxes.

All in all, depending on your tax rate and fuel cost....about $50 in savings.



Aug 3, 2010
I remember in 2003 I was buying 9mm Winchester White Box 100 Round box ammo at WallyWorld for $8.99 a box.

I started reloading just about 2 years later, when it went up to $10.99 a box. Not just for 9mm though. :wink:

Today, I can make 9mm for about $16.50 per 100, but I don't have the time to reload like I used to, so it ends up costing me far more than that in time "costs". I just can't win! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: