Ghosts Spirits Whatever You Call Them......Real??? Part 2

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Rick Courtright

Mar 10, 2002
Redlands CA USA
wheelgun1958 said:
Years ago wife and I were touring the Queen Mary in Long Beach. In an area with many artifacts in glass cases I thought I saw movement in a dark corner. Upon investigation of said corner I got an intense feeling of dread and pending doom. I told my wife we gotta go NOW. Very strange.


Maybe it's just local lore, but the Queen Mary is "famously" haunted and shows up on the ghost hunter shows quite regularly. There's a swimming pool on one of the lower decks which reputedly has frequent sightings. I think the story is a young woman drowned in that pool. That's just from memory... I've only been on the top couple of decks.

The City of Long Beach recently took over the Queen Mary from the concessionaires who weren't keeping up their end of the contract for maintenance among other problems. It's said it will take some serious restoration just to keep her afloat--I wonder how the "ghosts" will survive such an uproar in their habitat?

Rick C

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