German shotgun song

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Jun 20, 2009
Sonoran Desert Az.
Lyrics in english:

Once the rent has been paid, you are back in the meadows
Eurochaos, stock market crises
pensions scarce and zero devies [Alone]
Always pop or borrow, installments pay tax worries
get it the day after tomorrow!

With the PumpGun
to the bank, yes,
Thank goodness man
there's a PumpGun

The little brother is nervous,
mother-in-law doesn't want to go home,
Press once ten Bullets can be seen flying
Employment office don't hear anything about it.
Weather outside is always cloudy
45 caliber to the bank just opposite [Alone]
Long time, undecided or simply dissatisfied
s*** overall situation,
most important: ammunition
Your computer is screwed up,
everything is pissing you off,
sawn, laid out. Sporty, slim yes

with the PumpGun.
Thank goodness man
there's a PumpGun

But be careful with the device, (bang) [Alone]
Oh too late [Alone]