Georgia and Nebraska Updates

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Gary Slider

Nov 23, 2007
West Virgiinia
Georgia – The Governor has signed SB 319, “Georgia Permitless Carry.” The law becomes effective immediately. Those 21 years of age or older or Active Military or Honorably Discharged Veterans 18 or older who can legally possess a firearm can carry without a permit. See entry below as Georgia at this time does not honor all other states permits but with a valid permit Georgia Honors you can carry at 18.

Additional bill the Georgia Governor signed today. HB 218 has Georgia honoring all other states: bill DOES NOT GO into EFFECT until July 1, 2022.

Nebraska – Monday 4/11 the Nebraska Legislature voted to kill their Permitless Carry Bill. It died for a lack of just 2 additional votes. So it looks like Permitless Carry is dead for Nebraska this year. will be updated later this evening or early tomorrow with Georgia becoming the 25th state to pass Permitless Carry. Alabama, Indiana and Ohio passed bills to go Permitless Carry but their laws don’t go into effect until later. See Permitless Carry State listing at for info on when their law becomes effective.
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