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Nov 5, 2007
Dallas, TX
I'm still taking pictures, but not so many these days. Adobe Photoshop is changing about as fast as technology upgrades it seems. They come out with new filters and more preset options, so instead of taking 100 steps to get something like the first picture, it's more automatic. I guess that's what people want. I don't have an instagram account, but I read about people applying filters on photographs in Instagram. I suppose that is why Adobe wants to make it easier for people to make pictures like these.

Here is the first picture, It's just a preset filter you can select to add over your existing picture. I was down at the beach last weekend, but didn't see this Octopus:

These other two pictures are also just pre-made filters. But they are fun, and like Glocks, if they get young people interested in photography, then the hobby won't boil down to just cell-phone pictures. Although I can't really say much, most of the pictures I take these days are with my cell phone. But if I like a specific picture, I'll get home and bump up the resolution on the computer and get the colors to be a little better.


I think I like the last picture the best...Actually, I think the fist picture with the giant octopus is pretty good too. But this picture of the bike used some sort of miniature effect, and those filters can be pretty interesting if not overused.


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