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Jan 20, 2008
Orange County, CA
These are all used books, conditions as noted. ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING TO CONUS ZIP CODES.

To reserve a book or books, put an "I'll take book(s) #___-" as a "reply" ON THIS THREAD. Then I'll acknowledge your order on the thread, mark the book or books sold (SPF) on the ad, and send you a PM with my mailing address and "legal name" for payment.

I accept cash, personal checks made out to me, and money orders made out to me. I DON'T ACCEPT PayPal, credit cards, or online payments like applepay. (Must be some of that 1 to 3% Neanderthal genes that my ancestors are rumored to carry....).

Please ask any questions or make any offers by PM here, but PMs don't work for ordering. I try to check PMs every couple of hours and get back to you quickly.

I also try to ship your books the next mail day after I get your payment. If you'll PM me your mailing address before payment, I can have them ready to go when your payment arrives and usually get them started to you that same day.

TAKE $1 OFF THE PRICE OF ANY BOOK OR BOOKS YOU ORDER AFTER THE FIRST ONE (I get a little break on shipping multiple-book orders and kick a little back to you).

History Outdoors

1)SPF "Winter of Entrapment: A New Look At the Donner Party" by Joseph A. King.

2) SPF "Gold Rush Glimpses III: Outlaws, Inspirations, and Amusements" by Craig and Franklin McDonald.

3) SPF "White Oaks: Life in a New Mexico Gold Camp, 1880-1900" by Morris B. Parker.

4) SPF "Ghosts of the Old West: Desert Spirits, Haunted Cabins, Lost Trails, and Other Strange Encounters" by Earl Murray.

5) SPF "Ishi in Two Worlds: A Biography of the Last Wild Indian in North America" by Theodora Kroeber.

6) SPF "Indians of California: the Changing Image" by James J. Rawls.

7) SPF "In Condor Country: A Portrait of a Landscape, Its Denizens, and Its Defenders: by David Darlington.

8) SPF "Young Men and Fire" by Norman MacClean.

9) SPF "The Lost City of 'Z": A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon" by David Gramm.

Military (and Some "Former Military") Hardware

10) SPF Three-book set of Barnes and Noble "military hardware" handbooks: "Armored Fighting Vehicles" by Philip Trewitt, "Twentieth Century Artillery," by Ian Hogg, and "Battleships and Carriers" by Steve Crawford.

11) "Jane's AFV Recognition Manual, 2nd Ed." by Christopher Foss. From the famous British military reference publisher that began with "Jane's Fighting Ships" right after WWI, this covers the world's armored vehicles from MBTs, light and amphibious tanks, armored and scout cars, tracked and wheeled APCs, tank destroyers, SP artillery vehicles, AA vehicles including missile batteries, specialist vehicles like armored bulldozers, anti-mine vehicles, and bridging and tank recovery vehicles. Covers a few WWII survivors still in service at time of publication and the post-WWII vehicles developed up to and slightly after the First Gulf War, most still in service. Detailed histories of development and deployment, over 480 new photos and drawings. Quality softbound 595 pp. 8x4" format exc.cond. illus w/b/w photos, line drawings, charts and tables. $7

12) "Tupolev: the Man and His Aircraft" by Paul Duffy and Andrei Kandalov. Complete biography of the the Russian designer and his creations, including his design of the deadly WWII Tu-2 bomber while imprisoned by Stalin for "treason and other high crimes against the state." From the huge 4-motor TB-3 heavy bomber first flown in 1925 to his SST, the Tu-144 (first SST to fly), his designs included the Tu-142 Bear which still is active in recon all over the world and the "Fiddler" fighter and "Blackjack" supersonic bomber which gave NATO fits for a while. Also covers his many cargo and airliner designs and the motor torpedo boats used by the Soviets in WWII. HB 233 pp 8x10" format exc/new cond except for two library stamps inside cover, illus w/MANY b/w photos and drawings, charts, production and modification lists, spec charts, lists of world records held by Tupolev aircraft, specs of his torpedo boats, and production figures for all his models. $8

13) "Workhorse Props: Prop Aircraft Around the World" by Gerry Manning. Does the sound of a prop plane still make you look up and smile like no jet can? This books shows prop planes, old and not-so-old, purpose-built and "retired military," at work around the world. Fire bombers, charter passenger and cargo haulers in out-of-the-way places, bush planes and ag planes of all vintages and origins. All props, all the time! Softbound 112 pp. 9x11" format exc. cond. illus w/many full-color, half-page photos. $6

Guns and Shooting, etc.

14) SPF "Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms and Their Values, 7th Ed." by Norm Flayderman.

15) SPF "Knife Throwing: Sport, Survival, Defense" by Blackie Collins.

16) 21 used gun magazines w/tons of info on all kinds of shooting, collecting, handloading, and hunting topics. All in excellent reading condition w/no missing pages or ads cut out, although a couple have had the address label cut off the corner of their front covers.


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These will be shipped in a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate container; they can't be shipped Media Mail like books. $18 shipped

Thanks for reading my long post!
Remember to take $1 off the price of any book or books you order after the first one!

Mike Armstrong
Jan 20, 2008
Orange County, CA
Open to offers on the gun magazines. Keep in mind that they have to go "Flat Rate" instead of "Media Mail" like the books (and "Flat Rate" is going up for anything shipped after the 15th!).

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