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Dec 21, 2002
I have a Reolink solar powered WiFi camera at the front door (around $70.00) and 6 more of them in other places around the house. The one at the front door is completely hidden from the casual observer as are most but not all, of the others.

There's a free app that will send you a notification on your cell phone anytime anyone steps inside its field of view. You need to buy a Micro SD card ($20.00) to record the video (if you want to do that) and you can copy the video or a still from the camera to your cell phone.

No fees, no subscription, nothing, and you get notifications even if you're 3,000 miles away and someone steps into the camera's field of view.


Mar 2, 2022
[email protected] Amazon. My niece bought it for me...NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE! When I am not home, I can see who is at the door with my phone. It has a microphone/receiver. Records for later viewing. One can adjust if you want the lights on in the eve, turn off at a certain time. Will turn on when it detects movement. Wide angle viewing so I can see anyone in my driveway by my truck.
Just a suggestion for anyone to check out, for who knows, there may be one better out there? Good luck and STAY SAFE!

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Feb 14, 2007
Some good info here, I sort of like G2's ideas but with use on a laptop as i don't have a cell phone. I could use 2-3 cameras that link to wifi at my house...


May 23, 2009
Orange County,CA
I have 8 ring cameras covering the perimeter of the house. I can see about 90% of my outside and the 10% I can't see someone would have to cross some of the 90% to get to anyway. Even with 8 cameras it's $100 a year for cloud storage and you can live view every camera any time you want. $100 / 8 cameras = $12.50 a camera - $12.50 / 12 months = $1.04 a month per camera. Pretty cheap if you ask me. I find it handy when I get up in the morning to check any activity they might have recorded during the night and I also live view some of them to make sure the vehicles are still there and intact without having to go outside and do it. They can also be entertaining. There is a guy in the neighborhood that walks his dog every morning at about 5:30. What's funny is that he has a big old black cat that he either owns or that somehow took and liking to him and his dog and it just follows along on their morning walks. I can view the cameras, and talk to people through them, on my phone, desktop computer, and my iPad.


Jun 26, 2003
I just look out my window(s).
A few years ago, just for fun, I called one of the BIG alarm companies and asked the young lady if a bad guy could buy a jammer and defeat the wireless security systems that they and others market. She replied "well sir, don't you know that those systems are ILLEGAL?"..... I just thanked her and hung up.

Nov 15, 2005
Greenville, SC: USA
Johnnu2: I remember that "here's your sign" story... still makes me laugh.

Sounds like a lot of y'all have what I have... a security camera system that goes to a DVR... which is kind of what I was going to suggest... I think if the OP started with a 4 camera system, and I think most of these will have the option of adding another 8, then that might be what 'they' are looking for. The problem with a ring or knock in the middle of the night is not only what or who is doing it but if like in this instance there is no one there when you do answer.... you need to be able to look back in time. I had a Lorex system for years but could never get their system to work on my phone. It was probably me. I'm in the process of putting a Zosi system in our church (32 wired cameras!) and ended up getting one for our home and just switching out the DVR and keeping my existing cameras.... the good news is getting the Zosi system to work on one's phone is pretty simple... the bad news is I have yet to figure out how to pull stuff up on a computer....(system has its own monitor) another one of those log in, create an account, password not correct nightmares.... Also, for good or bad I added 4 more cameras to the new system for a total of 12... but my wife says "no more"!

Also went to work at the church yesterday and the main door I use was unlocked... I checked the video of me leaving the day before and it shows me checking the door to make sure it was locked. I spent about 45 minutes 'scanning' the previous 24 hours to figure out who left the door unlocked and could not find anyone else going in.... it is a pain to look back on these things.... unless you know the approximate time of the event.


Oct 29, 2009
To all the members here who took the time to share their help and advice, I would like to offer my sincerest thanks.

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