Freedom Arms Model 83 Premier Grade .475 Linebaugh w/loading components, 6 " octagonal bbl, FA black micarta grips, extra sights.

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Aug 7, 2009
For Sale in Tx - Freedom Arms Model 83 Premier Grade .475 Linebaugh, 6" octagonal barrel, black Micarta grips, Freedom Arms adjustable rear sight, Ken O'Neil black front sight, extra Freedom Arms Express V notch rear sight/gold bead front sight set, factory box, manual, one-hole test target, very low round count, not a scratch or handling mark. Replacement value today $4332.00 (per Freedom Arms website) plus tax and wait time. This revolver looks like new. PM for other pictures is you are interested.

Selling with the firearm as one lot – Reloading dies, Dillon caliber conversion, 239 NIB Hornady cases, 60 BBA once-fired cases, approximately 2000 commercially cast/commercial grade cast bullets in 5 bullet weights and two profiles. Details are:

RCBS .475 Linebaugh 3-Die set p/n 56598

Dillon .475 Linebaugh caliber conversion set (shellplate, powder die)

239 new Hornady unprimed .475 Linebaugh brass cases

60 Buffalo Bore Ammunition once-fired .475 Linebaugh brass cases

750 BRP Cast Bullets .475, 360 gr, RNFP plain base in 15 factory shrink-wrapped trays of 50

100 Missouri Bullets .475 340 gr. red Hi-Tek coated RNFP plain base"Thumpers"

18 rounds of factory Hornady .475 Linebaugh 400 gr. XTP hollow point

In addition to the commercially cast bullets, approximately (estimated by weight, not individually counted):

600 .475 330 gr. Keith style SWC plain base (cast on Magma Master Caster, sized and lubed)

303 .475 303 gr. RNFP plain base (cast on Magma Master Caster, sized and lubed)

192 .475 405 gr. RNFP plain base (cast on Magma Master Caster, sized and lubed)

Freedom Arms Model 83 revolver and the listed reloading components package are $3700 via USPS MO shipped FFL to FFL CONUS.

Possible FTF on reloading components in Dallas, Texas area. If so, the purchase price will be reduced by $100. The revolver, however, must be shipped from FFL to FFL. All rules and regs apply. First "I will take it" posted on forum and followed up by text to (972) 567-8467 to set up payment, FFL and shipping details.

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