first trip to range with new mk111

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Sep 11, 2009
bought a sig mosquito a week ago and needless to say not a very good purchase.
the same day someone gave me a mk1 that they had laying around for the last 25 yr's. just shot and never cleaned. after reading as many post as i could, watching youtube videos, i decided to break it down to the barrel. what a headach. thank's for all the info because after i payed attention to it all, it turned out to be time consuming, but a pleasuer. even better was the first time i shot it. couldn't believe how accurate it was, so i stopped at a gun shop in town and picked up a mk111target.
first time to the range today with them, and i really couldn't make up my mind which to shoot. they were both so accurate. about 250 rd's. through each and not one problem except adjusting the sight's on the mk111. once sighted in it fired like a dream i brought along the mosquito and used cci mini mag's, but they have so much wax i tried using some one shot to get a little off. they didn't work in the sig, but both ruger's ate them up. also used win 333 and fed bulk. not one problem in the ruger's but the sig was another story. glad i made the change.
i've read a lot of problem's people are having with the mk111's, mag's, trigger change, etc. but i am perfectly happy with the way it is. i guess when i lean more about them i might change the trigger out, but for now i am satisfied with the way it is. actually the only thing i might do is get a Mark III Competition and put a scope on it and try an adjustable trigger. i guess i just got the fever.
thanks everyone for all of your informative information. it's alway's good to hear about the pro's and con's of anything you buy, especially when someone own's that product and tell's it like it is.


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Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
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Well, I'm glad to hear you are happy etc with your new gun. Yes,, the disassembly can be a little bothersome the first few times,, but once you figure out the method,, it's easy.
Yes,, those Rugers do seem to put the Sig's to shame. I have several of the Ruger 22's and enjoy them all.


Jan 8, 2006
Benton City, WA
I too took my new MKIII to the range for the first time today. I have had a MKI for years, but this is my first MKIII. Like you I was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy and the fact that it went 300 rounds without a hiccup.

Congrats on your new one. It should give you a lifetime of service!


Jan 12, 2009
Montana 'Merica
I had a Sig too... what a piece of JUNK. I bought it because of my suppressor and its threaded barrel... now I have the Tactical Solutions upper on a 22/45 and its awesome.
Nov 15, 2005
Greenville, SC: USA
Sig should be ashamed for making that pistol from what I hear... and everything else they make is so good.

I bought a MKIII about 2 or 3 years ago... never had a problem with it, can't really imagine changing out the trigger... I did change the iron sights out to the fiber optic ones... put a scope on but it really wasn't as much fun as shooting with the fiber optic sights.