First shots and review of Bulldog .45 Colt

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Apr 30, 2011
Hot and steamy today but went to the range to try out this .45 Bulldog!
Brought along some factory ammo and my loads with all being 250-255 gr. plated,coated,plain hard cast and jacketed standard pressure .45 Colt.
First impressions were... yes it let's you know when the hammer falls but recoil not hand wrecking or painful to the palm of hand.
I fired 50 rounds and about half were single handed with paper targets 7 yds. out.
It shot to the right a good bit until I got used to grip and trigger and then just slightly right with elevation being close to point of aim with my 230 gr. Hammerhead loads which are in the 850-880 FPS range. No leading of concern in the bore with plain cast lead bullets.
Then did a couple of 5 shot self defense type runs 12 ft. away from target Point shooting two hand hold.

This is a GREAT small .45 Colt revolver to carry which has some punch and would get the job done.
No aching hand or busted knuckle from trigger guard but not really designed as an all afternoon range target shooter.
For less than $380 bucks seems like a cool little revolver!
Size compared to my .454/.45 Colt Alaskan..both have 2.5 barrels.

A pair of quick 5 shot runs as in a close self defense encounter 12 ft from target point shooting
double action pull with two hand grip.

Video of one handed shooting showing recoil.
Oct 26, 2006
Woodbury, Tn
Glad you like your Charter. I love my Bulldog .44 spcl. Shot it on Independence Day. The rubber grips really help! At approximately half the weight, I bet you end up toting it more than the Alaskan.

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