Finished the latest "Hacksite" and holsters

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Feb 19, 2007
Tucson, AZ, USA
And got acceptable pics of same :).

If you've been following my "Hacksite" saga, the goal recently was to reduce "glinting", replace the brass tube with steel and generally clean up the cosmetics. Which led to:


Now we're talkin'. I finally have a sort of "top-of-front-post-dimple" - not as small, clean and tight as a real Hexsite but at least a starting point for experimentation.

I've also got a decent cover over that mess of a front base, and at the rear I've got blackened putty epoxy around the rear steel tube rim to eliminate glinting. I'll get to shoot it this weekend :).

If this is new to you, it's my homebrew clone of the Goshen Enterprises "Hexsite":

Real Hexsites use a rear hex aperture and a separate front post of conventional height - no full-length tube. To control "glinting" and achieve as close to solid black as possible, Tim Sheehan at Goshen uses high-tech polymer coatings over steel cores and mounts. Lacking such niceties, I've used the full-length tube and shadows to get a similar functional effect.

The Hexsite (and my "Hacksite") concept works shockingly well. You focus on the target instead of the front sight. That in turn re-writes the book on combat shooting. It's a genuine revolution. It's dead easy to keep both eyes open and maintaining alignment feels "automatic". You're in control of where you shoot and when, but aiming feels "subconscious".

And it only takes about an hour or two to adapt.

Tim Sheehan at Goshen has given me permission to pursue my personal experimental clone. He has real ones (that don't need custom holsters and are a hell of a lot tougher!) as bolt-ons for Glocks and can add them to most anything else. Anyone else considering "rolling their own" should contact Tim at the link above.

I've also made progress on the carry rig it might recall this experimental mess:


Well it's been replaced completely:


Larger view if you want to clicky:

Cosmetics are at least acceptable and it's of course a match to the holster I'd already built: