Finally: All My Predator Rimfires Purchased

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Sep 20, 2008
Well I started with a couple of 22LR when they first came out. Recently I purchased a 22 WMR and just picked up the 17 HMR today. I've only shot one of the 22LRs and the second one may or may not get shot for now.

I like the compact length of pull so one 22LR and the 22 WMR have the compact module installed. I have one on order for the 17 HRM and will leave the other 22LR with the standard module.

The only scope that is mounted is the 22LR. The 17 HMR scope is in process of being leveled and installation completed, and rings are on order for the 22WRM (I need high Warne Maxima QD rings darn it). None of the scope touch the barrel, it's just a bad picture. I purchased one scope with a 50mm objective in case I ever shot in lower light, thought it might allow more light in. Will see how that works out as far as cheek weld goes. I use Crossfire II scopes because I can get them with AO and the focus down to 10 yards. They also have a long eye relief which I need for some reason.

I have all my ammo purchased and hope to sight these in and shoot them in November.........and then a few months later I have a couple of suppressors coming in so that will add another fun element to these rifles. :D

This past year I went on a little buying spree of Ruger 22/45 Lites, 10/22 takedowns, and RAR Predators, all threaded. The worse part was paying for all the ammo (and of course the suppressors and tax stamps).

I wanted all three rimfire caliber Predators "just because", I don't have any plans for them other than range shooting right now. I imagine the 22LR will be the most used due to the price of ammo (plus it has subsonic ammo available). But the 22 WMR and 17 HMR intrigued me so I thought I'd better grab one.

Sorry for the awful picture, I'll update it once these are all scoped and will of course remove the stickers on the ones I've shot.

NH Rugerman

May 14, 2010
Nice looking group of rifles, I have had No luck trying to find a 22LR predator rifle. Feeling very jealous of yours! :D


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