Experiences with LCR in 327 Mag

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Nov 25, 2005
Albuquerque, NM
I guess the point that I was really trying to make is that there seem to be several small snubbies from various manufacturers that are chambered for rounds that many folks find to be uncomfortable to routinely shoot at the range.
.357 snubbies are great guns, but we only shoot .38's due to the recoil, and then only a few cylinder's worth at that.
.38 +p snubbies also seem to be carried much but shot very little.
It looks like the .327 mag is a great little gun, but much nicer if you shoot 32 h&h mag, 32 short, etc.
I was just wondering if they finally got the balance correct between power and comfort with the .327, but it sounds like comfort comes with a lighter (read: not 327 mag) round.


Oct 17, 2005
Webster, Florida
It is very comfortable compared to a 357 snubbie unless it is a GP100. (I have 3" GP for 357. The 327 is about 60% of a 357 recoil wise. 10 years ago full loads of 327 would not have caused a pause. The 327 is perfect in my mind. Each to their own I suppose.


Jan 8, 2005
Burkesville, KY
I received my LCR back from Ruger today. Less than two weeks turn around. Not bad. The repair slip said that the cylinder was replaced. I will have to get out and shoot it ASAP.

As far as shooting comfort goes, 327 loads with 85 gr. Bullets are marked "Low Recoil". Hornady also makes an 80 gr. Critical Defense 32 H&R round that would be great if one was recoil sensitive. 22Mag is the next step down in what is currently chambered in an LCR. I only shot 3 cylinders full from this one but it did not seem that bad with 100gr Gold Dot 327's. Then again, I have been shooting my new SBH in 454 lately... Maybe my tolerances have been stretched a whee bit by that hulking beast??? :shock:

I will carry this gun when I have shot it enough to be comfortable. Mine has to work correctly first but I am fairly sure Ruger fixed it. :wink:

Range report to follow...

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