Everyday is a good day, some better than another. Today was way better

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Jan 29, 2011
My son in law is an Air Force brat, I think that's an acceptable description , if not my apologies. He doesn't shoot, loves my daughter and grandson and he's a good cook.
Anyway Craig had open heart surgery today , Bentall Procedure , if interested google its kinda complex. I had know for years he had a "heart murmur" and glad I didn't know what was wrong until a few days ago. His surgeon wanted to do the procedure before Thanksgiving, Craig wanted to delay until after New Year's. He wouldn't have seen a OR in 2023.

In the ICU my daughter was updated by his surgeon on how bad his heart was and "DRs words" he was days away from stroking out, not weeks.

Side note

Pop is still kicking at 99+ , mom still ordering him around at 95.

Christmas came early to my family, apologies if that is offensive, tis how I feel.

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