End of life, sort of

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Apr 2, 2014
mike7mm08 said:
I am 43 and having a hard go of it lately. Dad passed last fall. Been dealing with his accumulation. Really shaking my head at the all the undone or set aside stuff that was at a time a passion of his.

I've always felt a very strong sadness going through and throwing out the stuff people
saved after they've died.
You know at one time it meant enough to them they saved it and yet you may have no idea why.
I've saved things that are pure junk but are reminders of events.
I've got a failed attitude indicator out of my old Cessna that chose a dark wet IFR night to fail.
A bent intake valve out of a 421 super duty Pontiac, broken crankshaft end from a Suzuki RM125 and
other assorted " treasures" sitting in various places around my house and shop.
All have stories to them and all will cause somebody someday to wonder what the &*^% was this
Even have one speed skate sitting on a basement shelf with my hockey gear, bugs the hell out of me every time I look
at it because I can't find it's mate and I KNOW I didn't throw it away on purpose!