El Paso Saddlery "Threepersons" holster for Ruger Blackhawk

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Dec 19, 2016
Far Southwest Virginia
My Wife surprised me with a new holster today, an El Paso Saddlery "Tom Threepersons style. I had been bidding on a used one on Ebay, but dropped out when the bidding got out of control. She found a brand new one from Midway USA for less than the used one went for on Ebay. Delivered today, a very pleasant surprise.



Fits my .357 Blackhawk perfectly. I like the Threepersons style, I have used another I got from "H.C. Leather" on Ebay for about six years now, my two revolvers have shared the same holster, a .44 Magnum Super Blackhawk and the .357..... Now thye both have their own home. I feel pretty confident when carrying a revolver in the field with the Threepersons style, you can be pretty confident the revolver will not be lost with the retention strap, and the revolver can be drawn quickly.

Here's a pic of both holsters, El Paso Saddlery on top with the .357 Blackhawk, bottom is the H.C. Leather with the Super Blackhawk.


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