Don't try to steal a purse from the wrong chic.

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Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
I love it!!!!!! If more thugs got this type of treatment, there'd be a lot less of this type of crime.

I recall many years ago reading about a purse snatching in NYC. Apparently, the thug snatched the purse from the mother of a well known mafia head. When caught, and told who he'd assaulted & stole from, he hung his head & said "Uh-oh,, I'm REALLY in trouble now."
Apr 2, 2014
Just saw made me smile! had to watch it a few times, looked like she landed a right knee while they were against the car door and he decided
to bail. Was surprised because looked like he turned back toward her when they went around the car. Watching her bounce and set for those kicks
you know she's had some training...appeared to just be getting warmed up and ready to really fight.
The music selection was excellent also.