Do "numbered" cylinders always signify a convertib

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Bucks Owin

Mar 22, 2004
51st state of Jefferson
I got my seldom fired pre warning 7.5" .45 NM BH from GB awhile back. It's .45 Colt cylinder has the last three numbers of it's serial like my 80's SS6 convertible does. The previous owner made no mention of having a .45 ACP cyl but I've always wondered if numbered cylinders ALWAYS come with convertibles ONLY? (Don't have original box BTW, I recieved the gun wrapped in bubble wrap!?!) My apologies if this topic has been covered many times before.....Dennis
Dec 11, 2002
Ohio , U.S.A.
no sir, the numbers may be on any of the single cylinder guns, just one way of "keeping parts together" the early days, ,normally they were NOT ,no need to, then the convertibles arrived......depending on "how" the numbers may look, (you can usually tell after so long and seeing so many, just how the factory numbers may appear, and this is also a sign of possibly the gun being taken apart, serviced, maybe even 'refinished" again, one way that many shops, as well as the factory "kept things together" all of our shops we would usually 'number ' the parts for any given gun, especioally when you may have a bunch of them going into the tanks at the same time......after all ,these are 'fitted parts', unique to each this is when some of them "Old" models got their numbers on the front of the cylinder, or in the case of the stell framed Supers , on the grip you will find serial numbers on the steel grip frames, of say Vaqueros or such.

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