Differences or advantages among 10/22 trigger groups?

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Sep 29, 2007
What are differences between 10/22's standard trigger group and the target model's trigger group? Are the differences a significant advantage for either? Are these items interchangeable among 10/22s?

How close in quality of trigger action is the better of the Ruger trigger groups to most custom-manufactured ones?
Among the custom-manufactured trigger groups for 10/22s, is any significantly superior -- however you evaluate "superior" -- to all others? Excluding the superior trigger group, do the others evaluate comparably, or does their quality scatter from good to not-so-good?
If I am asking the wrong questions, please direct me to the right ones.


Dec 1, 1999
Naphtali":1qxc6c02 said:
What are differences ...
If I am asking the wrong questions, please direct me to the right ones.

The difference will be in weight of pull, adjustability and crispness.

First thing you must do is decide what your primary use for the 10/22 is.

Bench-rest competition demands a whole different trigger than small game hunting.

Factory trigger groups are all about the same, the 10/22T came with a different hammer, but it doesn't significantly improve on the pull, at least it didn't in the two examples I owned.

I've never spent the money for a replacement trigger group (Kidd, Jard, etc.) but my guns are all plinking/hunting arms so I get along just fine with the factory housing and a honed hammer. You can get a pretty good trigger with just a drop-in replacement hammer or hammer/sear combo from Power Custom or Volquartsen.

There are many folks offering trigger jobs on your factory group, but Randy at Connecticut Precision Chambering (www.ct-precision.com) is the only 10/22 smith I'd send my stuff to.


Jul 4, 2007
9x19 summed it up pretty well. The "Target" models have a better trigger than a regular 10/22, but it's still not like a custom trigger group. I have three "T" model trigger groups, but all have had additional work on them. As he pointed out, a "drop-in" hammer or hammer/sear combo from VQ or PC is the easiest way to get a good trigger.

And, yes, the "T" trigger group will fit any 10/22.
Nov 15, 2005
I would be cautious with the newer trigger groups... I had a problem with my charger trigger after putting in a VQ hammer and spring... seems the dern thing would fire if I accidently tried to pull the trigger while the safety was on and then pushed the safety off. I took everything apart and it seems there is enough play in the safety lever and the sear that goes over it that it will let the hammer fall if you put some pressure on the trigger with the safety on... let the pressure off the trigger and then push the safety off with a machined / polished hammer. I had to put the factory hammer back on.


Oct 17, 2009
I put in a http://www.eabco.com/102204.html "713-003 Ruger 10/22® Hammer and Sear Package Deal $54.95 " in mine and am quite happy with the results.

Trigger is - much - lighter, but still very crisp. - - Installation is easy.

The 10/22 I put it in is/was about thirty years old and needed some help after "I don't know how many" thousands of rounds. I also added a carbon fiber bull barrel plus a scope and it is a REAL shooter now (put a discarded .45ACP shell on the target carrier at 50 yards. First shot mangled the .45 case to an amazing degree). :D

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