Did I mess up?

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Sep 10, 2006
Stopped at a LGS and spotted a OM Sigle Six for $300. There were some scars in the grips but nothing outrageous. Bluing was about 99% with the only loss was the top of the front sight. Grip frame was unblemished. However around the bottom edge of the cylinder window on the RH side there were small nicks that looked like someone fumbled putting the cylinder in. Other than that it looks to be in almost too nice condition. I know $300 is cheap for an unconverted OM hence my question. My memory fails me because I looked at the serial number but I can’t remember it other than it was either a 5-6 digit number start with 84. I swear it was a 6 digit but from my searches that doesn’t seem right.
Anyhow I left it until I could consult with the brain trust here.


Aug 6, 2012
Sounds like a deal . New ruger single sixes are not available any where but Gun broker .

Uncle Howie

May 28, 2004
At a minimum, it sounds like a good price for a very nice “shooter” Old Model- IF that’s something that interests you.

Could be something more than that, but you won’t ever know for sure without going back and looking...

It doesn’t sound like a flawless collectible (nicks in the cylinder window). If it’s in “almost too nice condition,” it could be a reblue. Either way, probably nothing to lose sleep over, value-wise.

On the other hand… if it were a five-digit gun with serial “84xxx,” it would seem to date to 1957. Could be a cool novelty/nostalgia piece. Especially if you were watching TV westerns in 1957! 8)

Don’t kick yourself for messing up… just go back and buy it. :p :p :p


Staff member
Oct 24, 2007
Several years ago I passed up an OM .45 Blackhawk at a local show. Price was quite good but I didn't "need" another one. Came home and emailed flatgate about it. He immediately replied "GO BACK AND BUY IT AND THEN GET BACK TO ME!!!" So I did.

He said he'd pay me what I had in it plus shipping. I thought about it . . . looked the gun over more carefully . . . and decided I'd like to keep it. Told 'gate this and he said it was OK, he just didn't want it to get away from "us". What a guy! Still have the gun and refer to it as "flatgate's gun". :mrgreen:

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