Demise of the Blue Book

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Jun 27, 2003
Near North Woods,MINN, USA
I have been advised that the Blue Book as we know it has been sold to a west coast business and the soft cover version is no more. It will reportedly continue as a subscription on line offering only. My opinion: "Good luck with that........."
Nov 5, 2007
Dallas, TX
I've bought a few of them over the years. I never trusted the values they assigned to various guns.

Plus, do they take regional price differences into account? A few years ago an old friend from Idaho came to visit. We went to some gun shops in Dallas. He is an FFL in Idaho, and he said the prices in Dallas are high.

I wonder about this whenever anyone here on the forum talks about prices where they live.

It would be hard to account for this in a book.
Mar 14, 2017
Pretty much agree with what everyone else said. I subscribe now but it's more for reference info than anything. I am glad I have a fairly recent physical copy as well.


Jun 26, 2003
I have a hard enough time with it in hard copy format; "on-line"? fagetaboutit............. :poop:



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Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
The Blue Book has always been a wealth of information on all types of guns,, AND pretty much an encyclopedia of data.

Yet,, people have always complained about the prices shown.

What many do not understand are a few of the "behind the scenes" on how prices are.

First,, it's not a single person who submits values. It's most often a collaboration of knowledgeable people about specific firearms. Example; Rugers. Chad Hiddleson asks a LOT of people to assist in pricing. He sends out a detailed list of guns where the respondents can submit a value for a specific model. AND,,, here's where it gets interesting. The criteria is; "What one collector would be willing to pay another collector for a specific model in mint condition." Condition & rarity is very important. Then,, all of the replies are compiled and combined & AVERAGED out.
What one region may say a gun is worth $500,, another region may say it's worth $600. The average will be $550.

Then,, many other factors come into play.

The time frame it takes to put all this together takes MONTHS! And often,, varying factors can change values. Such as "covid" or whatever. By the time a lot of this data is complied & formatted and published,, it can be "outdated" to a degree.

Another thought, often we refer to GunBroker for the most current & up to date values. Yet,, if you really search completed sales,, you will see values all over the place. Sadly,, some sellers have shill bidders to run up the prices,, and if it meets the seller's desires,, they tell the shills to stop and a buyer pays MORE than what many might actually pay.

One person may go into a gunshop in their favorite area,, and find a jewel of a gun,, for much less than the same gun might sell for in a different area or even state.

Basically, use the BB as a GUIDE to what values MIGHT be in a given area & are averages.

Personally I applaud all who take the time to put their work & knowledge into a good guide like the Blue Book. There are many, many details in each & every gun's description that can assist in the true identification of specific model & type.

I hate to think it'll go away.