David Bradshaw Photos Vol. LXXX, K-22 Part 2

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Lee Martin

Dec 18, 2002
Arlington, Virginia
Trunnion rest, revolver contacts cylindrical rest----in this case rolled industrial nylon belting----at barrel and frame. Depending on rest material, trigger guard also may contact rest. Grasp of grip is same for single action and double action fire, with one exception. One hand: thumb rests on middle finger. with two hand hold----thumb-on-thumb----it doesn't matter which thumb is on top.

Distal joint of trigger finger on trigger. If you shoot better with the tip of your finger on the trigger, or the center of the pad, go for it. Try 'em all and believe the target

Two hand hold, thumb on thumb. Although it may not appear so, frame contacts rest, along with barrel. Note finger is well onto trigger.

Actual trigger contact lands on pad of finger with joint at edge of trigger.

K-22 at board on 15 yard target. Trunnion rest. 5-shots in 0.6-inches; bottom hole is a double. CCI Mini mag copper plated 40 grain round nose.

CCI Min Mag 40 RN. Short yardage----45 or 50 feet----is a good place to start targeting. Front sight sketched to show sight picture and width of front sight as it appears on target.

K-22 at board with 15 yard target. Federal Gold Match .22 Long Rifle standard velocity 40 grain lead Round Nose. Trunnion rest. center hole is a double.

Federal Gold Match 40 RN standard velocity Target. Center hole wear two bullets. 5x5=0.6" @ 15 yds. Elevation: 10 clicks above bottom detent:

"Hook 'em Horns" hand sign----aka bullroar signal----preferred for control of cylinder during extraction & ejection.

Index and pinky brace frame while middle and ring fingers hold cylinder open.

Muzzle vertical to eject downward. Prevent debris from gathering under star, and prevent shells from hanging up under star.

Thumb press

100 yards, white bullseye to compare group size between painted bullseye and plain cardboard. trunnion rest, 6 o'clock hold, CCI Mini Mag copper plate 40 RN. elevation 15 clicks.

Front sight about 12-inches wide at 100 yards. 6 o'clock hold, trunnion rest: 5x5=6.1" @ 100 yards.

Plain cardboard, 100 yards. Trunnion rest, CCI Mini Mag 40 grain copper plated RN.

Why is the group fired on plain cardboard tighter than the group on the painted bull? To shoot for accuracy on a plain target with iron sights removes the bullseye as a magnet for your focus. With plain cardboard as a target, 5x5 into 2.6-inches at 100 yards. is it any wonder trust has never been an issue with this K-22?



Ruger Guru
Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
Once again,, excellent stuff.
I have to chuckle a bit at the pics of how to hold a DA revolver & empty it. When I teach the ladies in the NRA WOT clinics I teach them exactly that method. It's easy,,, and totally functional! Keep them coming David!

David Bradshaw

Sep 11, 2012
New Hampshire Rugerman, contender, Don, Wendy.... many thanks for your kind words.

Tyrone.... 10-4 on keep technique simple, including the simple & direct unloading cycle.

On the targets, fortunate to encounter zero wind @ 100 yards. Thought I'd group tighter on the white bull, certainly I tried. Took a look through the big-eyepiece Leupold 12-40x60mm spotting scope between shots. Rather surprised not shocked by the group on plain cardboard sighted through 70 year old eyeballs. Marksmanship is a brain exercise toward simplicity, in this case going for the same sight picture with the same squeeze over and over.
David Bradshaw


Apr 22, 2014
And just holy alignment in the eye without the distracting complexity of a crass bulls eye.