David Bradshaw Photos - LXXXII (82), Powder Coating Part 1

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Lee Martin

Dec 18, 2002
Arlington, Virginia
POWDER COATING of cast bullets, as described by messengers Jeff "Tank" Hoover and Dick "sixgun" Thompson, is said to shorten time and avoid mess of conventional sized-and-lube procedure. Accuracy is said to not suffer, rather, in some cases improve with the baked-on glaze. Likewise, leading of the bore is eliminated. Tank has supplied me an assortment of "PC" cast bullets in the hope I might cast my own impression.

First thing I did was see how they fit the .45 Colt cylinder from a Freedom Arms M83, and the Colt cylinder from the the Ruger 03 Bisley Blackhawk. These powder coat .452" bullets----330 grain semi-wadcutter (SWC)----protrude from the exit holes (aka throats) of the M83 (left) and Ruger 03. Chamber exits of the Ruger 03 run .4515", the the Casull at .452".

First shots were fired @ 100 yards, trusting blind luck to hit T-1 steel ram. PC 279-283 grain SWC Hollow Point Plain Base, deep seated over 13.1/HS-6 in Speer nickel .45 Colt case, with WLP primer. COL=1.520". The ram is painted white, bright in the afternoon sun. A black or dark target might not show in photograph. Revolver: FA M83 4-3/4" with .45 Colt cylinder. Leupold 4x28mm LER scope with target turrets and Duplex reticle. Leupold Dual Dovetail rings in Leupold FA base. (Photo is posed, as two hands used in shooting.)

100 yards: M83 with PC 280 SWC HP Plain Base deep seated over 13.1/HS-6.
Shot #1----just into belly. Raise scope 12-clicks. Leupold target knobs on 4x LER move POI 1/2" per click @ 100 yds.

PC 280 SWC HP Plain Base deep seat over 13.1/HS-6, M83 .45 Colt.
100 yards

Ruger 03 .45C with PC 285 SWC HP deep seat over 13.1/HS-6. Three shots offhand 50 yards to check sight dope.

Ruger 03 .45 Colt with five shots from trunnion rest, Powder Coat 280 SWC HP Plain Base deep seated over 13.1/HS-6. Crimp above front band, COL=1.520".

100 yards

Offhand: 3x3=6.0" @ 100 yards. Ruger 03 with PC 280 SWC HP over 13.1/HS-6.

Last shots of a beautiful day, just after sunset, from rest @ 100 yards. Ruger 03 factory Bisley Blackhawk .45 Colt with 5-1/2" barrel, Super Redhawk front sight. Ruger shortened the Maximum ejector 1/4-inch to completely clear mag-length Colt brass. Powder Coat .452" 280 SWC HP Plain Base, deep seated over 13.1?HS-6 in Federal brass, with Winchester Large Pistol primer.



Ruger Guru
Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
As always,, I enjoy seeing the way you test & shoot handguns. I've been doing the PC thing since last year after discussions with sixshot. I too have found it to be a good way to treat my cast slugs.

David Bradshaw

Sep 11, 2012
POWDER COAT may answer the challenge of achieving heavy punch from a cast bullet in soft skin game without LEADING the bore. Lube, which absolutely permits a lead bullet to sail through a revolver barrel----without depositing its self----cannot save a soft lead bullet once you lean on it. In protecting a malleable bullet, PC takes up where grease fails.
David Bradshaw

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