Cylinder size comparisons; 327 FM

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Oct 11, 2008
The Ozarks
Well, I found another Ruger 327 BH in 327 FM in an LGS, and this time I measured the cylinder diam. I had handled one earlier at a gun show, and thought the cylinder was awfully 'wide'. I wondered how it compared with the cylinder on other BH's. Here is the info.
327 FM BH 8-shot; 1.63"
357 Mag BH 6-shot; 1.675"
327 FM SP101 6-shot; 1.35"
22 LR/WMR SS 6-shot; 1.417"

Soooo as far as size is concerned, Ruger COULD have easily put a 6 (or maybe even 7?) shot 327 FM cylinder (i.e. the size of the cyl in the SP), into a SS frame.

As far as my opinion on how large the 327 BH cylinder is, I was wrong; it is NOT larger than the 357 BH cylinder. Apparently it just looks larger due to the smaller chamber holes. But it still LOOKS too big to be 'proper' in my opinion.
BTW, my 44 SBH cylinder is about 1.729" across. Larger than any of them.