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I need so more advice here. I have posted messages some time ago regarding a continuing problem with my 10-22 bolt release. I have opened the factory hole with a dremel as was suggested by many to no avail, then I replaced the factory release with an after market release, again to no avail. For whatever reason the release seems to "bind" in position and only works when the pins are removed in the trigger housing. My last time at the range I accidentally hit the release and the bolt locked open so I had to put the 10-22 away until I got home and was able to take it apart and release the bolt.

I DO NOT want to return it to the factory as I have it somewhat customized, and it is my understanding they will not deal with any customized weapons.

I am now considering removing the release altogether. The drawback being I could not lock the bolt open. The only time this would be a problem would be when I return from the range and need to clean the weapon, at which time I usually take the entire weapon apart to clean anyway. At the range, if necessary when the range is "safe" I can insert a plastic tab or something to indicate the weapon will not fire.

Any thoughts or ideas?


Jun 15, 2008
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I'm stumped! I have 7 of the pesky litle 10/22's and have done mods myself, used aftermarket releases and factory releases and never encountered this. I think you may be well served to post your question over at in the 10/22 action forum. Something definately amiss there but I can't duplicate it.
Good Luck!


Jan 12, 2009
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Its kind of a trick to operate correctly, are you sure you are doing that? Its not supposed to be automatic when you pull the bolt back.
Nov 15, 2005
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That's kind of what I was thinking...the dern things are a pain in the butt in their normal 'factory' condition. My club requires you lock your bolt back to make the gun safe and especially with my charger it took me a while to figure out that you have to pull the bolt back and push a certain way on bolt release down to get it to go back forward. I have a 10/22 that sill is a pain... I fixed the charger with some brand of aftermarket critter....

I wonder if there is a bur or something in there between the bolt release and mag release parts that's causing a problem.

The only real reason for locking the bolt open is to show the gun is unloaded and safe, you can get these orange plastic things that have a finger that sticks out and show the chamber is empty too.

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Nov 3, 2005
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With the bolt back and locked,
pull the charging handle back,
hold there,
press and release the bolt release,
if the chamber is empty, ease the bolt forward,
if you have a round ready to load,
let the charging handle fly and it will chamber the round.

When you want to lock the bolt open,
pull the charging handle all the way back,
press the bolt release and hold it in as you ease off the chaging handle,
the bolt will remain locked open.

Other than being a bit of abstract thinking, where people get lost is you have to operate the charging handle and bolt lock in a specific and coordinated manner.

I've always thought Ruger did it that way as a small bit toward child-proofing the weapon.

Trouble is, till you get the drill down-pat, it adult-proofs the weapon as well....

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