Comparing my 83 and 03 year ROA's.

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Jan 29, 2009
Southern KY
Finally got to fully disassemble my newest ROA, a 1983 stainless model and compare it to my 2003 model. Would 20 years show any difference in anything to my eye?
First thing that is obvious is the grooved trigger on my 83 model. A nice touch that I like, and miss on the 03. At first I thought the rough looking forcing cone on the 83 model was unique, but a re-exam of the 03 model and some pictures studied on an online auction site of yet another ROA show the same appearance of the cones. Internally, the machining on both models showed a few sharp corners, but nothing that seemed to affect function. Cylinder play on the base pin was subjectively the same, and there was only a very minor end shake on both. All parts mate nicely on my two models, the barrels are square, and cocking, lock-up, fit and finish are quite comparable. I'm very pleased with my two specimens. I didn't put a micrometer or gauge to either gun, but I'm happy with both guns, though 20 years separates their birth.


Apr 17, 2002
Houston metro area, TX
My early (narrow-trigger) ROA essentially had no forcing cone as it left the factory. The breech end of the barrel was beveled very slightly, but there was nothing that I would call a proper forcing cone. I sent that one out to have the forcing cone cut and a trigger job. Both made a tremendous difference in the shootability and accuracy (perceived or not) of the gun.

I have subsequently purchased the forcing cone reamer and bushings for .38, .44 and .45 caliber bores from Brownells, and recut several forcing cones myself.