Coming full circle

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Jan 2, 2005
Northern Illinois
A number of years ago my Ruger LC9s became my every day carry. I love the trigger on that little gun and seem to be able to shoot it reasonably well. But then I got caught up in the Glock thing, and bought a Glock 26, a pistol I really like and was carrying it in a OWB holster as my daily carry for a few years. But I never fully got used to the thickness of the gun, and found that pocket carry just didn't work out as it had with the LC9s. Then for awhile I would just slip a S&W 642 in my pocket, in a pocket holster and the ease of that was amazing, as was the light weight of the gun. But the limitation of 5 rounds bothered me, and without a laser sight I could not hit what I was aiming at if more than 3 yarfs away. I rationalized to myself and most self defense scenarios involve 3 or less rounds fired, often none fired, and that they take place within 2 yards. But I never fully convinced myself, and while I still grab the 642 once in awhile, I find that the LC9s has now resumed its place as the gun that I pick up along with my keys, phone, wallet, pocket knife and watch when I get dressed in the morning. I might sell the Glock as I now never carry it at all.


Apr 29, 2022
The Ruger lc9s is also my lightweight go to. I started out with a full-size 1911 then went down to an officer's model. Are you tired of the weight hanging on the Belt with dress clothes. So that's where the LC9 comes in. When on the farm or inthe timber then I step the game up to something a little larger and a little heavier


Dec 25, 2007
"When on the farm or inthe timber then I step the game up to something a little larger and a little heavier"
+1 on that comment. A few years back, we had some issues with certain unidentified large predators in my area. I carried a 4" Sec 6 loaded with swaged HP any time I left the house. Things got sorted out and I backed down to an SR22 or 22/45 for a decade. Now, 'other factors' demand a more powerful response so the need for bigger bullets and more of them is back. I don't get far from a vehicle now and there's ALWAYS a rifle there but in the off chance it might be out of reach, I'm going back to packing the Sec 6.